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Curse of Oaks Island, the dig continues this January.

Curse of Oak Island, Series 5 Coming Soon

It’s been four exciting years since we first joined Rick and Marty Lagina on their quest to solve the mystery of Oak Island. We’ve seen them make extraordinary breakthroughs, face frustrating challenges and overcome set-backs.

None-the-less, each year we’ve cheered them on and progress has been made. The team continue to find compelling evidence that something of great value lies buried somewhere on the island.

After making major discoveries in borehole 10-X and the infamous Money Pit it’s time to launch back into the search with series five of Curse of Oak Island.

This series, the brothers are locked and loaded with today’s most advanced technology, as well as heavy digging and drilling equipment which will allow them to go deep inside the island. They are also joined by new researchers and special guests which gives them space to forge new alliances and explore new intriguing theories. As always, nothing will stop them from finding out what could be buried on the Island.

This year also holds an important milestone for the Oak Island team. It’s been 50 years since an article about the Money Pit appeared in Reader’s Digest, the same article that sparked the imaginations of the young Lagina brothers.

Since then, the two brothers from Northern Michigan have shared this special dream and their passion for the project is as strong as it ever was. As Marty says, “I’ve learnt an enormous amount on this quest… It’s been a hell of an adventure and it’s not over yet.”

It’s safe to say that after four years of compiling evidence and gathering pieces of the puzzle the brothers are as close as they’ve ever been. Will this be the year that the mystery is finally solved? Or will the Island continue to guard its secrets? There is only one way to find out, keep digging.