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River Hunters S2 trailer - they're back bigger and better than ever

The River Hunters are back - bigger and better than ever – making their way across Britain to search the rivers and waterways of some of the UK’s most important archaeological sites: many for the very first time.  

The six-part series joins US YouTube sensation, river detectorist Beau Ouimette; TV presenter and keen swimmer Rick Edwards; and underwater archaeologist Gary Bankhead as they delve into the depths of Britain’s watery past.  

From the Rivers Ouse and Derwent in Viking York, to the bloody battles of the Jacobite Rebellion near the Rivers Tay and Garry in Scotland, Rick, Beau and Gary will seek to unearth treasures from the rivers which have borne witness to some of the most turbulent periods in British history.

Using state-of-the-art underwater technology, live drone footage and accounts from the period, Beau and Rick perform the first underwater archeological digs in some of the most exciting and iconic historical sites in Britain, often in dangerous and fast-flowing waters.  

To further their search, they will be joined by local archaeologists, metal detectorists and historians in each episode: some of whom have waited years for this unique opportunity to search these historic sites. 

The returning series offers a new perspective on each river’s layered past and could redefine British history as we know it.