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Photos That Changed The World

A startling, in-depth look at the most iconic events in recent history through the unique lens of the photographers and images that made them famous, this 6x60 minute series explores the stories behind twelve of the most iconic and unforgettable photos of all time. Each hour long episode will cover two landmark images and stories, the people most intimately involved in their capture and the remarkable impact they had on our culture and our society, after the camera shutter closed. Featured photographs in the series include Neil Armstrong’s photograph of his fellow astronaut, Buzz Aldrin, on the surface of the moon, Ron Edmonds’ images of US President Ronald Reagan as he and his staff fell victim to an assassin’s bullet, Nick Ut’s Pullitzer Prize-winning photo of ‘Napalm Girl’, which encapsulated the horrors of the Vietnam War, Jeff Widener’s photograph of the ‘Tank Man’ in Tiananmen Square, SAS Soldiers on the rooftop of the Iranian Embassy in London, shocking torture at Abu Ghraib prison, a balaclava-wearing terrorist at the Olympic Games, Charles and Diana’s Royal Wedding balcony kiss and Nelson Mandela’s inspiring ‘Long Walk to Freedom’.