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Please note: This is an archived webpage for a show that no longer airs on Sky HISTORY

Mississippi Men on Sky HISTORY

Mississippi Men

Mississippi Men follows the real-life drama on America’s greatest waterway, the Mississippi River, and the extraordinary lives of the modern-day “Huck Finns” whose very existence is dependent on the river.

Bryant Tubbs, a tugboat captain and marine engineer, is a third generation son of the river, out to prove he can make a name for himself in the family business.

Gary and Eddie are determined fishermen whose dream is to one day open their own seafood business.

Matt, a skilled pool player who’s left a corporate job, travels down the Mississippi River on a homemade raft in order to embrace the simpler things in life.

Ike, a spry 90-year-old treasure hunter, is on a quest to find artifacts from the War of 1812.

Whether she’s called the Big Muddy, Old Blue, or the Mighty Miss, the river embodies a personality all her own. Just when the Mississippi Men think they’ve got her figured out, she surprises them. They will learn quickly that there are no rules on the river, and if they’re not careful they’ll get that lesson the hard way. Ultimately, the Mississippi River controls their fate, and only the strong survive.

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