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Knight Fight: Episodes

Image: Knight Fight

For centuries, knights were the ultimate warriors, ruling battlefields with skill, courage, and the brute strength it takes to fight in 60 pounds of plated armour. Today, there are still men who dream of testing their worth in medieval-style warfare. As members of the Armored Combat League, they'll have that chance. Each episode features six contestants willing to risk life and limb in a series of challenges to see who will reign supreme.

Episode 1: Vikings vs Byzantiums

Four fighters advance and are paired for the Team Melee where they must adopt and adapt to the implements of the Vikings and Byzantine armies of the 10th Century. The winning duo is each given a new imposing weapon and must face off in a final one-on-one duel, putting their combat skills to the supreme test. Will they be able to bear the weight of both the armour and the history? Will weapons like the deadly Viking War Mace crush their hopes of winning? Most importantly, which knight will triumph and win $10,000 and entrance into the season-ending Knight Fight Tournament Championship?

Episode 2: Knights of Braveheart

The four who advance must work in the armoury in preparation for a two-on-two fight, assembling armour and weaponry from the Scottish Wars of Independence, made famous in the movie 'Braveheart.' The winning team must then adopt a daunting new weapon and go head-to-head in a final duel that will test their limits. Which fighter will withstand the massive Maciejowski 'Mac" Chopper, with its gargantuan size and toothed blade, to win $10,000 and be crowned Knight Fight Champion?

Episode 3: Romans vs Barbarians

Six armoured-combat specialists compete to display their fighting prowess equipped with armour and weaponry of the past. After battling through a six-person Grand Melee, four advance and are paired for the Team Melee. Here they must assemble the armour and adapt to the weaponry of the ancient Romans and Barbarians. Only two combatants will face off in a final duel. When the competitors fight with one of the most imposing weapons of the Roman era--the Rhomphaia--who will wield it better and win $10,000 and the title of Knight Fight Champion?

Episode 4: Normans vs Saxons

In this episode the focus is on the armour and weaponry from the legendary battles of the Normans and the Saxons of the early 11th Century. The winning team will be split up and fight in a final duel using the elegant yet deadly Danish Bearded Axe. Who will win in this battle for the ages, collect his $10,000 purse, and move on to the season-ending Knight Fight Tournament Championship?

Episode 5: Knights Templar

The fighters must assemble the armour and adapt to the weapons used by 12th Century Knights Templar during the Crusades. The winning duo will go head-to-head in a final duel, wielding the formidable Two-Handed Falchion.

Episode 6: Knights of the Round Table

Six modern-day warriors battle to prove their fighting prowess while equipped with armour and weaponry of the past. The four competitors left standing after the six-person Grand Melee will advance to the two-on-two Team Melee. Here they will assemble the armour and adapt to the legendary weaponry of ideal knighthood--King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

Episode 7: Hundred Years War

Six of the largest warriors yet will display their fighting prowess while armed with the armour and weaponry of the past. These Goliaths will first battle through a six-man Grand Melee, with the remaining four splitting into two sides for the Team Melee. Here they must adapt to the armour of the infamous Hundred Years' War, as well as gain proficiency in these 14th Century Weapons. The winning team will then go head-to-head in a final duel, armed with the most dangerous weapon yet - the Flail. It will take Herculean ability to master this weapon, but the victorious knight will receive $10,000 and the opportunity to fight on in the Knight Fight Tournament Championship.

Episode 8: Tournament Championship

Seven champions face the toughest fight of their lives in the epic culmination of this armoured combat tournament. As tough as the competition has been, these apex predators, America's greatest armoured combat warriors, have never endured a battle like this. Facing off in a seven-man Grand Melee, one will be eliminated and the six remaining will then fight in a first-ever Three Team Melee. The four who are left standing will fight in a two-on-two Team Melee which decides who will battle in the final Duel. This ultimate Duel will have three Heats, with three ferocious weapons--the fearsome Flamberge, the double-headed Battle Axe, and the two-handed War Mace. Only one man will emerge victorious and walk away with the Knight Fight Tournament Champion's Golden Helm and $20,000.