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Steven Rambam

Rambam is one of the world’s foremost death claims investigators with offices and affiliates around the world. He and his investigators have successfully closed more than 10,000 high-profile cases.

Specialties ranging from homicide and missing persons to sophisticated financial and insurance fraud. Rambam is perhaps best publicly known for his pro bono activities to track and locate 170 Nazi collaborators and war criminals in the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia.

He has also coordinated efforts to expose terrorist groups' fundraising activities in the United States and has conducted investigations, which resulted in the tightening of airport security in eight U.S. cities.

Rambam says:

I’m not going to be modest about it. I’ve been doing this for 30 years... I teach it. I teach at Quantico. This case is a death claims case on steroids. There’s more than one foreign country. The person that we’re looking for had fairly unlimited resources. He had a group of fanatical people that would have been helping him and enormous support from the local governments.

No real investigative team has looked at Hitler since 1947. Addressing this case in this manner, as a death claim investigation, really allows intelligent focusing on the best way to pursue this guy.

In all these investigations, there are choke points. Money. Transportation. Local support. There are things that have to be overcome for a guy to really disappear. This is a new approach that I’m amazed nobody has thought to take before.

I do a lot of historical investigations and very, very cold cases. Sometimes the more time that passes, the better. The great investigator will check all the boxes.