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Dr. John Cencich, PHD.

Senior professor of criminal justice, Dr. John Cencich, is a legal scientist and career law enforcement professional who specialises, experientially and from criminological perspectives, in international crime and security.

Formerly a senior UN war crimes investigator based in The Hague, John led a team of some of the world’s top police investigators through one of the largest international criminal investigations in history. Taking them into war zones and across the globe, their efforts resulted in the indictment of then Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic and the naming of 15 major co-perpetrators in a joint criminal enterprise, including high-ranking military, political, police, state security, and organised crime leaders. Cencich’s team was among the first in history to bring a sitting head-of-state to stand trial on war crimes and crimes against humanity.

One of the unique qualities John brings to this investigation is the knowledge of how to build investigations of national and international scope due to his unsurpassed ability to analyse, collate and corroborate circumstantial evidence to bring about concrete, testable results; one of the most important elements in a 70-year-old cold case like this. Adding to his investigative leadership capabilities is Cencich’s unprecedented access to intelligence and law enforcement agencies, forensic scientists, and prosecutors around the world.