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Bob Baer

A 21-Year CIA veteran, Bob Baer is one of America’s most elite intelligence case officers. Bob spent the majority of his career on the front edge of international espionage, counter-intelligence and information gathering. From decoding and intercepting illicit weapons trades between countries to tracking some of the most elusive and high profile terrorists, Bob has seen and done it all and is driven by the quest to know the truth regardless of the consequences.

Bringing his expertise to this case, Bob will expertly sift through the thousands of international declassified documents to focus the field team on the most crucial and actionable intelligence. Bob has lead international teams of intelligence officers, informants and officials across nations and through dangerous wartime situations from the moment of an intercepted message to the grave of bringing criminals to justice.

Bob has long held reservations and doubts about the reports of Hitler’s demise and today wants to apply the same techniques of truth testing he used on the fields of Iraq to the historical records of Hitler’s possible escape.

Baer brings with him an extensive Rolodex of contacts, from forensics experts to the most coveted on the ground investigators. No matter the challenges this case throws at him, the answer is only a phone call away.