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Please note: This is an archived webpage for a show that no longer airs on Sky HISTORY

Camp X on Sky HISTORY

Camp X

Told through the incredible stories of these real-life James Bonds, Camp X traces the evolution on of espionage in North America, and explains how the men and women who were the world’s first modern spies were vital in helping the Allies to victory.

Starting at the opening of Camp X, the two-part documentary uses first-hand accounts from Second World War spies to explore the key skills required to conduct espionage. This includes demolitions, codes and ciphers, cover stories and close combat, all of which are intimately detailed in the Camp X training manual. The documentary ends with the dramatic key role that Camp X played in helping to reveal the threat posed by the Soviets in the earliest days of the Cold War, and the revelation that one of the manual’s writers was secretly a Soviet mole, who would later become one of history’s most infamous defectors in history - Kim Philby.

Camp X was the inspiration for the brand new and exclusive eight-part series X Company.

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