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Siderius Logging

Siderius Logging is a team of young cowboys that just might have a shot at competing with the big boys—if they can keep their mouths shut long enough to pull a log to the landing. The company started just three years ago as the pet project of owner Dan Siderius. Still struggling to find its way and prove that its men are just as tough as the boys on the West Coast, Siderius Logging is a company with a lot to prove and the egos to do it.

The crew is as lean and mean as they come. On the landing, yarder operator Josh Fite keeps the logs moving and his lips moving even faster. He’s known for his constant commentary, which can get on the others’ nerves and occasionally gets in the way of the job. Down the hill, it up to rigging slinger Travis Reynolds to get the logs up the mountain. Travis comes from a long line of Marines and is the first in his family to take a crack at logging, but he’s already proving to be a natural. His boss and fellow guy in the rigging is hook tender Drew Koffler. Drew and Josh have been known to butt heads, especially when Drew feels that Josh is getting out of line. Finishing up the crew is greenhorn Jesse Kelleher, who has the best intentions but struggles to fit in with this tight-knit crew.