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The medieval city that became infamous as the backdrop for the Nazi party's rise and fall. The Nazis exploited its history as both a central point of the Holy Roman Empire and of the German Renaissance. Architect Albert Speer designed the 'Party Rally Grounds' to amplify Nazi propaganda and it was here that Hitler called for the Nuremberg Laws, revoking citizenship from Jews.

Despite blanket bombing, and intense street fighting during its American capture, equally intensive reconstruction largely restored the city to its pre-war appearance. But it was in its surviving Court Room 600, that those Nazis who hadn't been killed in the war, or committed suicide (like Hitler, Himmler and Goebbels), faced trial for their crimes. And then, many were executed by hanging, including Josef Kramer, the Beast of Belsen and the cruel concentration guard, Irma Grese.

Their hangman was Albert Pierreoint, Britain's most prolific hangman. (Architect Albert Speer narrowly escaped the noose and was instead imprisoned.) Please note, Court Room 600 is still a working court so visitors can't be guaranteed a view.