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Julius Streicher

Using the voice of his newspaper, Julius Streicher poisoned the minds of young Germans by preaching the persecution of Jews, and his war crimes have lasted for generations.

The infamous Nazi, anti-Semite and “Jew-baiter Number One”, Julius Streicher was the ninth child of a Roman Catholic school teacher. Following in his footsteps, he entered a teacher-training institute at the age of 13, and began teaching in 1904.

A gifted orator, he proved very popular when he joined the Democratic Party and addressed their meetings in Nuremberg in 1912.

Enlisting in the infantry in World War One, Streicher saw heavy front-line fighting in France. In recognition of his bravery, he was awarded the Iron Cross First Class, and later reached the rank of First Lieutenant.

Returning to teaching, he discovered the 'Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion' and, consumed anew by anti-Semitism, formed the Nuremberg German Socialist Party in 1919. In 1921, Streicher joined the NSDAP, handing over his own party to their leader, Adolf Hitler.

On 20 Apri, 1923, his 'Der Stürmer' ('The Attacker') was published. However, as a result of the failed Munich Putsch of November 1923, in which Streicher was "Director of Propaganda", he spent one month in jail, losing his teaching job.

He began writing again in 1924, now even more anti-Semitic, attracting lawsuits and controversy. He also began publishing anti-Semitic books for children and even the blind.

Elected to parliament in April 1924, 'Der Stürmer'’s circulation continued, despite Goering, Himmler and Hess’ attempts to have it banned or toned down, as they considered it an embarrassment.

Hitler stood by Streicher, but eventually forced him into retirement outside Nuremberg and forbade him to speak publicly.

Streicher later organised photographers to document the Nazi death camps, not as a document of crimes, but as a celebration.

As the war reached its end, Streicher attempted to flee with his new wife through the Alps. Recognised by a Jewish U.S. Army Major, he was seized in May 1946.

Streicher was found guilty of crimes against humanity at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trial and sentenced to death on 1 October, 1946. The sentence was carried out on 16 October when he was hanged.

He was said to have the lowest IQ of those Nazis on trial.