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Eva Braun

Eva first met Adolf Hitler in 1929 through a photographer and mutual friend. She adored him almost immediately.

By 1929, Eva and Hitler were lovers and they lived together in his flat in Munich, despite her father’s opposition, who disliked Hitler as a person, as well as his political beliefs.

Eva was not happy and, in 1932, she tried to kill herself. Hitler responded by buying her a villa and providing her with luxuries. In spite of this, she made another attempt in 1935.

Hitler and Eva rarely appeared in public together; as a result most Germans were not aware that Hitler had a mistress.

In 1936, Eva moved to Hitler’s country retreat at Berchtesgaden. She led a reclusive life most of the time, except when Hitler and his entourage came to stay.

In 1945, with the Russians closing in on Berlin, Eva moved to the Berlin bunker to be with Hitler.

On 30 April, Hitler and Eva were finally married, before both committing suicide. Hitler left orders for both bodies to be cremated in the Reich Chancellery garden.

Rumours persisted after their deaths that Eva and Hitler had both survived and escaped, but this seems highly unlikely.