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Ross Kemp: Deep Sea Treasure Hunter

Series guide: What's coming up on 'Ross Kemp: Deep Sea Treasure Hunter' S2

Image: Ross Kemp: Deep Sea Treasure Hunter

Ross Kemp: Deep Sea Treasure Hunter premiers Monday, 10 April at 9pm on Sky HISTORY. In the eagerly anticipated second series, Ross will dive deeper than ever before to uncover some mysteries beneath the surface.

Ross and his expert team – including legendary dive master Neil Brock, marine archaeologist Mallory Haas and dive buddy Mark Chiswick – venture beyond the water of the British Isles in their hunt for secret treasures of Britain’s past.

In each of the four episodes, they take a deep dive into the history of Britain, her imperial trading routes and her bitter maritime conflicts. They explore iconic shipwrecks in ever more remote and dangerous sites.

Ross Kemp said: ‘It’s been exhilarating to dive with Neil, Mark and Mallory, into some of the most remote and dangerous wreck sites across the world. We have not only unearthed secret treasures but also discovered more about the history around them with some incredible finds and revelations along the way.’

In a television first, Ross dives the wreckage of one of the world’s most famed shipwrecks, the Mary Rose. By exploring the remnants of Henry VIII’s prized warship, sunk in 1545 at the Battle of the Solent, he unearths new treasures and learns more about how the sinking impacted the war and the King himself.

Other wrecks explored in the series include the SS Mohegan, a luxury liner that hit the rocks off the coast of Cornwall on its way to New York.

Ross also travels to Egypt to dive in the Red Sea to investigate wrecks like the SS Carnatic, a new breed of fast cargo ship that was delivering supplies to the colonies, and the Rosalie Moller and the Thistlegorm, two ships that were resupplying troops in North Africa.

For the final episode, Ross visits Normandy and dives some of the wrecks from D-Day. This includes the SS Empire, a British troop carrier, and USS LST-523, a tank landing craft. To complete the trip, he discovers some truly heroic acts as the wrecks tell their secrets.

Ross Kemp: Deep Sea Treasure Hunter airs Mondays at 9pm from 10 April on Sky HISTORY.