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Russell Kane with guests Jon Richardson, Alex Brooker and Ellie Taylor

What's coming up on 'Evil Genius with Russell Kane'?

Image: Evil Genius with Russell Kane

Evil Genius with Russell Kane sees the award-winning writer, comedian and actor invite a host of famous faces to delve into the biographies of five polarising figures from the past to ask if they are evil or genius.

In each of the five episodes, Russell delves into archives and consults historical experts while bringing the stories to life with his unique style of entertainment. Russell causes the viewers and his guests to question everything they thought they knew by presenting a series of ‘truth bombs’ that reveal previously unknown deeds of each figure. Then the panel will vote on what they consider to be evil and what, exactly qualifies as genius.

Russell says: ‘I’ve never been so excited to take people I admire, then cover them in dirty truths.’

Was Winston Churchill a booze-sodden imperialist? Was Albert Einstein’s greatest work plagiarised from his wife? Was Coco Chanel a Nazi spy? Was Richard Nixon really a founding father of environmentalism? Was Pablo Escobar a modern-day Robin Hood?

Inspired by the incredibly successful BBC Sounds podcast of the same name, Evil Genius with Russell Kane airs Mondays at 9pm on Sky HISTORY.

Read on below to learn more about what happens in each episode.

Episode 1: Sir Winston Churchill

Russell is joined in the studio by comedians Judi Love and Geoff Norcott, as well as writer Charlie Higson to debate the highs and lows of a man who is considered by many to be the greatest Briton ever. Professor Chandrika Kaul, a historian and Churchill expert, provides insight into the controversial and often violent politics of the young Churchill, his drunken antics and his disdain towards the citizens of his beloved empire. But, in the end, will they vote the man credited with winning WWII as ‘Evil’ or ‘Genius’?

Episode 2: Albert Einstein

With the help of comedians Rachel Parris and Ria Lina, alongside presenter Rick Edwards, Russell explores the merits and disgraces of the founder of modern physics. With insights from physicist and Einstein scholar Dr Mark Richards, the team learns all about the accusations that he plagiarised his wife’s work, the draconian list of demands his spouse had to follow and whether or not he was actually responsible for the atomic bomb. Will the most famous theoretical physicist of all time be voted ‘Evil’ or ‘Genius’?

Episode 3: Pablo Escobar

Russell invites comedians Jon Richardson, Alex Brooker and Ellie Taylor to discuss the life of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. Alongside South American history specialist Professor Matthew Brown, the team delves into stories about the benevolent crime boss and discovers that he was actually an economic genius who built hospitals and roads for less fortunate communities. Will they vote this notorious gangster as ‘Evil’ or ‘Genius?

Episode 4: Coco Chanel

Comedians Tom Allen, Kerry Godliman and Michelle De Swarte join Russell to investigate the life and times of the fabulous French fashionista Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel. With the help of fashion expert Caryn Franklin, they learn about the lies surrounding her impoverished beginnings, how she survived WWII through her relationship with a Nazi baron and her work as an operational Nazi spy. Will the figure who revolutionised women’s fashion be classified as ‘Evil’ or ‘Genius’?

Episode 5: Richard Nixon

In the final episode of the series, Russell explores the legacy of US President Richard Nixon with the help of comedians Miles Jupp, Maisie Adam and Desiree Burch. Historian and Nixon scholar Dr Kaeten Mistry helps the team discover that the Watergate scandal might not actually be so serious by today’s standards and that Nixon could be the founding father of environmentalism. After weighing everything up, will they vote the president who resigned in disgrace as ‘Evil’ or ‘Genius’?

Evil Genius with Russell Kane airs Mondays at 9pm on Sky HISTORY.