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Royal Bastards:Rise of the Tudors

Watch Royal Bastards:Rise of the Tudors trailer

Royal Bastards: The Rise of the Tudors, a three-part TV docu-drama series premiering on Sky HISTORY, Sky Showcase and NOW, transports us back to a tumultuous and violent time of usurped kings, intrigue and plots which brought medieval Britain to its knees. The series presents the story of the Wars of the Roses and the origins of the Tudor dynasty through a unique lens – the women who shaped the course of English history. This is the real Game of Thrones, but unlike that fiction, the hero who emerges to save the nation is not a battle- hardened Jon Snow-type but a frightened teenage girl running for her life. This is that period’s history told as never before, through the eyes of its most unexpected heroine, Lady Margaret Beaufort, mother to England’s first Tudor monarch.