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How to watch 'Curse of Skinwalker Ranch' season 4 in the UK

Image: Curse of Skinwalker Ranch

For decades, Skinwalker Ranch has been the world’s most mysterious spot for UFO and ‘High Strangeness’ phenomena. The 500-acre ranch in the middle of the Utah desert is the site of purported paranormal activity and numerous expert teams have conducted experiments to try and get to the bottom of the secret.

Curse of Skinwalker Ranch follows the most recent team, consisting of Brandon Fugal, the ranch’s owner, renowned aerospace engineer Travis Taylor and many more.

The show features the collective utilising revolutionary technologies in their search for answers. This includes ground-penetrating radar to investigate anomalies like ionising radiation, dire wolves, UFOs, a human bone discovered in an airtight cellar and several cattle mutilations.

Now into its fourth season, Curse of Skinwalker Ranch has accumulated an army of dedicated fans across the world. With the latest season already airing in the US, it’s not long until new episodes are ready to drop in the UK.

Season 4 promises to be a must-watch as the crew conducts their most high-tech experiments to date, which lead to some rather shocking discoveries.

When is Curse of Skinwalker Ranch season 4 airing in the UK?

All 15 episodes of Curse of Skinwalker Ranch season 4 will be airing on Sky HISTORY. The first episode premieres on Wednesday, 6th September at 9pm, with new episodes being released at the same time over the coming weeks.

Is Curse of Skinwalker Ranch available to watch on UK catch up?

Don’t worry if you’re not completely up to date with all of the previous investigations and experiments from the Curse of Skinwalker Ranch team. The first three seasons are all available to stream now on HISTORY Play and you have plenty of time to get caught up before the new season.

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