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Rick and Marty Lagina

How to watch 'The Curse of Oak Island' season 11 in the UK

In a monumental new season, Rick and Marty are closer than ever before to finding their answers

Image: Rick and Marty Lagina | The Curse of Oak Island

The Lagina brothers and the rest of their team return for an 11th season of The Curse of Oak Island as they continue their quest to solve the island’s mystery and uncover its treasure once and for all. Is it pirate treasure, a Viking hoard, a biblical relic, or something else entirely? No-one knows for sure but they’re not resting until they find out.

In a monumental new season, Rick and Marty are closer than ever before to finding their answers. The investigation is now taking them to places they’ve never been before, like digging underground to extend the Garden Shaft in the fabled Money Pit area and hunting for clues off the coast of Oak Island’s shores.

Meanwhile, the Lagina’s Fellowship proceeds with a strategic core drilling effort across the area in search of other valuable targets that could potentially be reached by constructing new underground tunnels.

As stunning discoveries continue to be unearthed on Oak Island, the team’s research leads them to the most significant overseas journey yet, to multiple European and North American destinations. There they will find shocking new evidence that the medieval order of the Knights Templar may very well be connected to the world’s longest-running treasure hunt.

But how can you watch The Curse of Oak Island in the UK?

How to watch The Curse of Oak Island season 11 in the UK?

Season 11 airs exclusively on Sky HISTORY every Wednesday at 9pm. New episodes will be released at the same time over the following weeks.

Where can I watch previous seasons of The Curse of Oak Island?

Don’t worry if you’re not completely up to date with the efforts, of Rick, Marty and the rest of the team. Seasons 9 and 10 of The Curse of Oak Island are currently available to stream on HISTORY Play, as well as on demand.

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