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Craig Charles and Sarah Cruddas star stars of Craig Charles: UFO Conspiracies

Six reasons to watch Craig Charles: UFO Conspiracies Ep 1

Craig Charles and Sarah Cruddas star stars of Craig Charles: UFO Conspiracies

Craig Charles turns investigator in Craig Charles: UFO Conspiracies when he looks into some of the most high-profile and unexplained UFO sightings from recent years. He teams up with award-winning author and astrophysicist Sarah Cruddas, as the pair strive to uncover the truth. Can they definitively answer once and for all if we’re alone in the universe?

Craig Charles: UFO Conspiracies premiered on Sky HISTORY in January 2022. If you haven't had the chance to watch the series yet here are six things to keep an eye when Craig and Sarah investigate potential extra-terrestrial activity in rural South Wales.

A sleepy Welsh village is the unlikely scene for a major sighting

When most people think of alien activity on Earth, they imagine huge spacecraft looming over the Houses of Parliament and other major landmarks (In fact, 66% of people who took part in a Sky HISTORY survey believed aliens would choose to visit London first if they came to the UK). However, that couldn’t be further from the truth in this situation. Pentyrch is located in South Wales and, with a population of less than 5,000, is not exactly a hotspot for events that grab global attention. That was the case until an incident, dubbed ‘The Welsh Roswell’, happened on one February night in 2016.

Multiple eyewitnesses reported seeing a UFO above the village before a swarm of military personnel promptly shot it down. The resulting explosion shook patients awake at a nearby hospital and left the smell of burning sulphur lingering in the air.

A UFO-shaped liked the Great Pyramids

There is, unfortunately, no conclusive evidence to confirm that this event ever took place, but all eyewitnesses agree that what they saw resembled a huge floating pyramid. This unique shape draws comparisons to past potential sightings, including one seen above RAF Cosford in 1993. Former Ministry of Defence employee Nick Pope speaks to Sarah and explains more about the story, which has never been fully revealed to the public.

Evidence collected from a likely crash site

The biggest piece of evidence to support this case is the section of nearby woods where residents believe the ship came down. A long row of trees appeared to have had their trunk snapped in the middle, all at the same height, as if they’d been hit by a projectile in one fell swoop. Locals sought to find answers but were instead left with more questions when they found surviving trees covered in white scorch marks. Craig and Sarah go on a deep dive into historical meteorological data to see if there’s any chance natural causes were responsible.

Rumours of a complete military cover-up

Amateur investigators are convinced that the military is withholding information from the public. After all, there’s almost no way a massive dogfight in the midnight skies above a residential area could have been just a training exercise. Many have tried to reach out and cite the Freedom of Information Act but are repeatedly met with a Section 26 which is an exemption for information 'if its disclosure would, or would be likely to, prejudice the defence of the British Islands or of any colony'. In the weeks after the potential sighting, rows of mysterious tents appeared around the area of the crash and uniformed people started to conduct research.

Alleged death threats suggest there’s something to hide

One eye witness, Caz Clarke who has passed three polygraph tests, is still the only person to tell her story publicly. However, this level of honesty came at a cost. She says she received a phone call from a mysterious man asking a series of questions. He later insinuated that something might happen to her if she carries on talking. Thankfully, Caz has not been deterred from speaking out and has never experienced any repercussions.

Shocking new evidence confirmed by the US Navy

Just as Craig and Sarah are preparing to wrap their investigation, live breaking news comes in from across the Atlantic. The US Navy confirms the authenticity of a video filmed by one of their crews, which appears to show a UFO. The significance of this revelation on the Pentyrch case is not to be underestimated and could change a lot of people’s opinions about what is out there.