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Sex: A Bonkers History

SEX: A Bonkers History: Episode guide

Episode 3: SEX: A Bonkers History

SEX: A Bonkers History follows actress, singer, and presenter Amanda Holden and bestselling author and historian Dan Jones as they explore how sexual behaviours through the ages have shaped civilisations in ways we are only now beginning to discover.

Amanda and Dan will explore how attitudes towards sex and sexuality have evolved throughout the ages, from the origination of the first contraceptive in ancient Egypt to swinging in 70’s suburban Britain. Along the way they will discover how the Tudor sexual appetites changed the course of British history forever, and they will delve into Georgian Britain to discover that its prim and proper facade couldn’t be further from the truth. The pair also reveal how the Victorian era was secretly one of the most sexually progressive in the world. Lastly, they discover that sexual attitudes in the 20th century have changed more than in any other period in history and that this rate of change only continues to accelerate.

Along the way, Amanda and Dan will be meeting experts in the history of sex, including sex historian Dr. Kate Lister, author of ‘A Curious History of Sex’, international teacher of Dominance studies Anne O Nomis, author of 'The History & Arts of the Dominatrix' and the late executive chair of Ann Summers, Jacqueline Gold CBE, in her very last television interview. Expect saucy surprises and forget what you thought you knew, as Amanda and Dan throw themselves into immersive history and bring us some unique and intriguing insights in SEX: A Bonkers History.

Ep 1: The Ancients

Dan Jones and Amanda Holden explore how attitudes towards sex differed before the intervention of Christianity. Starting in ancient Sparta, Amanda trains as a Spartan woman, with British Olympic medallist weightlifter Emily Campbell. Dan Jones travels to the Chelsea Physic Garden to make the ancient Egyptian equivalent of Viagra. Amanda then gets to grips with the ‘Kama Sutra’ to find out how it influenced tantric sex today.

Ep 2: The Tudors

Amanda and Dan tackle the Tudor and Stuart period. Dan dons a full suit of armour before mounting his steed and learning how to joust. Amanda meets up with Strictly Come Dancing star Pasha Kovalev to learn the dance that was getting Elizabethan society hot and bothered, the ‘La Volta’. It's Amanda's turn to get involved with the dramatic reconstruction as we find out how Samuel Pepys wrote something hotter than even the fire of London in his diary.

3: The Georgians

Amanda and Dan discover the Georgian era. Amanda meets fashion historian and author Rosie Harte. Dan meets Dr Jessica Borge to find out what lengths Georgian’s were willing to go to have protected sex, making his own animal intestine condom. Followed by a Georgian-era guide to sex in London. Amanda pulls back the covers on the most famous lesbian of the period, Anne Lister. Dan and Amanda join forces to explore what really went on at the infamous Hellfire club.

Ep 4: The Victorians

Amanda gets to grips with Queen Victoria's secrets while Dan finds out what historians believe was the mother of the modern-day vibrator with Dr Kate Lister before exploring the billion-pound sex toy industry with Bonny Hall from Love Honey. Getting involved in the dramatic reconstruction, Amanda and Dan find out about the victims of and the Victorian’s fascination with Jack the Ripper whilst Dan meets Dr David McAllister in Whitechapel. Amanda then meets international teacher on dominance studies, Anne O’Nomis to find out about the Victorian BDSM scene before trying them out on a consenting Dan Jones.

Ep 5: The 20th Century

We discover that sexual attitudes in the last century have changed more than any other. Dan finds out how sex was used during WW2 to motivate the troops with Dr James Whitworth. Amanda dresses up as the biggest icon of the century, Marilyn Monroe, while Dan also plays dress up to explore Elvis Presley’s allure with top impersonator JD King. Amanda talks to Virginia Nicholson about how sex changed for women with the advent of the birth control pill. Dr Kate Lister talks us through the UK adult film industry. Amanda meets the late Jacqueline Gold CBE, executive chair of Ann Summers, to discuss how sex toys have entered our homes.