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Dr Travis Taylor - Curse of Skinwalker Ranch

When is 'Curse of Skinwalker Ranch' season 3 on in the UK?

Image: Curse of Skinwalker Ranch

Curse of Skinwalker Ranch is one of the most popular paranormal reality shows on television. Astrophysicist Dr. Travis Taylor and his group of expert investigators are searching to uncover the truth about the creepy occurrences at the remote 512-acre plot of land in northeastern Utah. From UFO encounters and crop circles to shape-shifting creatures and cattle mutilations, the team has seen it all across the first two seasons.

Skinwalker Ranch and its surrounding areas have been referred to as 'UFO Alley' since the 1950s when anomalous events and strange activity started to occur. Now, scientists use the latest cutting-edge technology, such as ground-penetrating radar and drones, to seek shocking discoveries.

There have been countless studies conducted at Skinwalker Ranch outside of the show and hundreds of reports of paranormal activity. There are also plenty of rumours to suggest some investigations are secretly funded by the US government.

The land is said to be cursed, which could explain why it is a hotbed for spooky goings-on. It borders the Indigenous Ute reservation which was supposedly cursed by the rival Navajo tribe after they were banished from the region. According to the legend, malevolent spirits, known as skinwalkers, now roam freely.

The groundbreaking third season of Curse of Skinwalker Ranch has already been making waves in the US. The team is determined to yield results and is prepared to conduct a raft of new experiments, no matter how dangerous they might be. They also call on help from former members of the military to investigate the skies above Skinwalker Ranch.

All of the risks appear to be worth it as season 3 promises the most incredible and mind-blowing UAP encounter to date.

When is Curse of Skinwalker Ranch season 3 available to watch in the UK?

Curse of Skinwalker Ranch's UK fans are undoubtedly extremely excited about watching the brand new episodes for themselves. Thankfully they won't have to wait very long, as the extended 11-episode run is due to fly across the Atlantic very soon.

Season 3 will exclusively premiere on Sky HISTORY on Wednesday, 7th September at 9pm. New episodes will be released at the same time over the following weeks.

Where can I watch the first two seasons of Curse of Skinwalker Ranch?

You don't need to worry if you aren't completely up to date with the efforts of Dr. Travis Taylor and his team. There's still plenty of time to catch up with the first two seasons before the brand new one hits UK screens.

Seasons 1 and 2 are available to stream with a HISTORY Play subscription. Sign up now for just £3.99 per month to get access to Curse of Skinwalker Ranch and over 1,000 hours of unmissable award-winning documentaries and factual series all in one place.