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Curse of the Lost Amazon Gold: Episodes

‘Curse of the Lost Amazon Gold’ follows six investigators’ epic, real-life expedition into the Amazon jungle on the hunt for two legendary lost cities – Akakor and Akahim – and their quest to discover what happened to previous explorers who went in search of them and never came back…

Episode 1 | Unexplored | Monday 12th July, 9pm

The search for Akakor begins in an unexplored region of the Peruvian Amazon. The missing explorer investigation unearths strange rumours about the infamous river guide, Tatunca Nara. Satellite images lead the team towards an undiscovered ruin but it requires great effort to access such a remote location.

Episode 2 | Cold Case | Monday 19th July, 9pm

The investigation team visit the Rio de Janeiro crime scene where the journalist who wrote ‘The Chronicle of Akakor’ story was murdered – was this a bungled robbery or a targeted assassination? With rumours of a high-level conspiracy in Brazil, the team are warned that digging deeper could have deadly consequences.

Episode 3 | Without a trace | Monday 26th July, 9pm

Sandy Reed joins the team to search for answers to her brother John’s disappearance. Martin, Megan and Brennon attempt to access a giant waterfall rumoured to conceal an entrance to the lost city of Akahim. In Barcelos, the investigation team gather alarming intel on the man at the centre of the Akakor legend.

Episode 4 | He was here – Monday 2nd August, 9pm

Paul and Bobby take Sandy to retrace the footsteps of her missing brother, finding an abandoned property and rumours of stashed weapons. Upriver, they hear a chilling story about Sandy’s brother from a local who could have been one of the last to see him alive.

Episode 5 | Heart of Darkness– Monday 9th August, 9pm

An eerie discovery leads Martin, Megan and Brennon down a deep, mysterious abyss. Paul gathers dramatic, never-before-heard testimony from a relative of a woman who says she witnessed the murder of one of the explorers. The information leads them deeper into the jungle towards the scene of a grisly discovery that could break the mystery wide open.

Episode 6 | Behind the mask – Monday 16th August, 9pm

The team reunite to discuss their findings, but so many questions remain. The only man with answers refuses to talk. With rumours of weapons in his home and high-level connections, the team decide to surprise him in a public street. Finally face-to-face with Tatunca Nara, it’s time to hear his side of the story.