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UFO, an alien plate hovered motionless in space against the background of the earth

Blasé Brits not bothered about alien threat

UFO, an alien plate hovered motionless in space | Image: Shutterstock

The British public is generally unphased about the possibility of extraterrestrial life. In fact, the majority of Brits don’t believe that the existence of UFOs poses a risk to humanity as we know it.

As part of ‘Mystery Season’ taking part in January And February 2022, Sky HISTORY conducted a study to find out more about people’s thoughts surrounding UFOs and other mysteries. When asked to what extent respondents thought UFOs pose a risk to life, the average response skewed towards ‘Not at all’, showing that people are generally happy about the thought of living side-by-side with our alien counterparts.

Approximately 47% of those taking part said they believe aliens have already visited our planet and a further 23% admitted to being unsure. There is obviously a feeling that we may have already welcomed some out of this world visitors. Given the lack of any apocalyptic events or invasions, we should feel confident that our guests are not to be as feared as some movies might have you think.

Craig Charles’ new show Craig Charles: UFO Conspiracies investigates some of the biggest potential sightings in recent history. Alongside renowned space journalist Sarah Cruddas, Craig explores new evidence, listens to unheard testimonies and tries to get to the bottom of what is fact or fiction. The series premieres on Sky HISTORY at 9pm on Tuesday, 11 January.

Aliens top the list of mysteries that they want to see solved. The survey found that 27% of participants would choose to find out what goes on in Area 51, a higher portion than any other unknown secret. This was just ahead of finding out who built Stonehenge (23%), another historic event that aliens could be responsible for.

17% said they wanted to find out if the Loch Ness Monster is real, 16% need answers about the Bermuda triangle and 13% are curious about the underwater city of Atlantis.

The most famous UFO incident in history was the main conspiracy theory many respondents believed in. Over 20% truly believe that aliens crash-landed in Roswell, New Mexico back in 1947. Several instances of ‘flying saucers’ were reported in the skies during the summer, before the US Army Air Force sent out a press release to say that they had recovered a ‘flying disk’ on 26 June. This statement was quickly retracted, and the world remains unsure about what happened to this day.

However, the assassination of JFK took the number one spot in the survey with 23% of people saying they believe the FBI had a major hand in the 35th president’s death. Other popular conspiracy theories included the fake moon landings (9%) and aliens building the Great Pyramids (8%).

The UK premiere of The UnXplained airs at 10pm on Tuesday, 11 January, following the conclusion of Craig Charles: UFO Conspiracies. Hosted by William Shatner, The UnXplained goes on a deep dive into some of the strangest and most fascinating mysteries in the world. Season Two includes episodes that analyse the truth about UFOs, Egyptian Mummies and the hunt for Atlantis.

Also coming up this Mystery Season is a brand new season of Secrets in the Ice. An expert team step into the coldest places on our planet to uncover some of the greatest mysteries that have been frozen in time. Using the most advanced technology, this series investigates mysteries that have been lost for millennia and some that have never been seen before. Watch Secrets in the Ice Mondays from 3 January at 9pm.