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19:00 Ice Road Truckers Rushin' Roulette #2 (98)
20:00 Down East Dickering Risky Business #2
21:00 Pawn Stars Sunday Funday #4 (278)

Decembeard needs you...

...to grow a beard to help us beat bowel cancer.

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Mountain Men

Life's hard when you're not top of the food chain. At least your chins warm though.

Discover the world of the Mountain Men

Visit our Decembeard page...

...to discover a world of bearding fun. Keep coming back throughout December to uncover even more hairy goodies.

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Book Club

From a No.1 bestselling author, discover our Book Club's book of the month.

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Counting Cars

The heir to the chrome is back with brand new episodes.

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Pawn Stars

Step inside the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop every Monday night on HISTORY.

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Meet the stars

Come and meet the stars of HISTORY.

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Explore the lives of major figures past and present who have made history.

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History Locations

Some locations are historic due to the momentous events they have witnessed.

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