• Why do we say 'break a leg'?

    Theatre folk are a superstitious breed! There are several well-known traditions still observed today, here are their origins…

  • Storage Wars

    There might be other storage shows out there but why compromise when HISTORY is the only channel showing brand new episodes of the original and best.

    Brand new series Tuesdays 9pm!

  • Ultimate Wheels

    What do you get when you cross a Ferrari with a pick-up truck? You get the first episode of our brand new show Ultimate Wheels.

    Show continues Thursdays 9pm on HISTORY

  • Vikings


    The Vikings are coming to HISTORY. 

    Starts 13 May 2014.

Did you know?

Boston Tea Party : Some historians now believe that up to a third of Americans were still loyal to the Crown, before, during and after the American Revolution. And many blacks decided to go with...

On TV tonight

19:00 Storage Wars Full Monty-Bello # 3, The (55)
19:30 Pawn Stars Some Like It Not # 3 (181)
20:00 Storage Wars Flight Of The Gambler #1 (105)


We're giving away a signed Nigel Mansell photo to mark the start of Ultimate Wheels.

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The Vikings are coming

You can't rule the world without a fight. Starts 13 May on HISTORY.

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