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Death Rituals and Superstitions : It was once believed that if a fire spat out a coffin shaped ember it foretold death, as did a bird entering the house, while doing the laundry on New Years Day was said by so...

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19:00 Storage Wars Storage Buyer In You # 16 (100), The
19:30 Pawn Stars King Of Pain #7 (225)
20:00 Mountain Men Hell On Ice #9 (33)

Cryptid: The Swamp Beast

Find out what lurks in the swamps in this brand new series.

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Mountain Men

Life's hard when you're not top of the food chain.

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Book Club

With explosive action and killer characters, discover our Book Club's book of the month.

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Ice Road Truckers

The queen of the ice roads is back for a brand new series.

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Pawn Stars UK

Big Mark and his team return for a brand new series.

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Counting Cars

The heir to the chrome is back with brand new episodes.

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Meet the stars

Come and meet the stars of HISTORY.

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Explore the lives of major figures past and present who have made history.

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History Locations

Some locations are historic due to the momentous events they have witnessed.

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