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New Series Wednesdays at 9pm

Swamp People


In the farthest corner of Louisiana lies the nation's largest swamp, a hidden world where nature rules... and man fights back. The Cajuns that live in this forbidding environment follow traditions dating back three hundred years, to the earliest pioneers. They are Swamp People, inheritors of a tradition of self-reliance and fierce. HISTORY® follows these swampers through the most important time of their year the thirty day alligator hunting season. The swampers give us an insight to the real meaning of American spirit, the lost art of doing things the right way as they preserve a dying way of life from the encroaching modern world.

Albert Knight and Family

A true Renaissance man of the Louisiana swamp, Butch does a little bit of everything, from trapping alligators to building boats to welding.

To top it all off, he owns his own trucking company and can often be found at the helm of his 18-wheeler. The one thing he can't do is swim but that's never stopped him from hopping in his boat and zipping through the waters around beautiful Avoca Island, known for the enormous alligators that live there.

During hunting season, Butch teams up with his two sons, Kenwood and Anthony, and often brings a grandkid or two along for the ride. Butch is one of 14 siblings, and all but one live nearby, so there's never a shortage of family members around. The Knights are a close-knit bunch that loves a good prank, a cold beer and the unique experience of swamp living.

Austyn Yoches

Austyn Yoches may be just 21 years old, but he’s already embraced the lifestyle of his Cajun ancestors. He and Blake McDonald, his cousin and best friend, have chosen to live off the grid in a houseboat that lies deep in the swamp. The boys hunt and fish to survive, and they’ve been going after gators for almost a decade. In the past they’ve fished only a handful of tags, but this season they’re looking to join the big boys. Offered a lucky break by a landowner, they’ll have to prove they can succeed before they can establish themselves as worthy contenders.

Blake McDonald

Blake McDonald is a Cajun swamper through and through. Living on a houseboat with his cousin Austyn, Blake has worked and played in the bayou all his life. Tall and imposing, Blake often uses his muscle to get things done. He first started hunting alligators when he was 18, accompanied as always by 13-year-old Austyn. This season, the guys look to join the ranks of the swamp’s most elite gator hunters.

Bruce Mitchell

This season begins with Bruce Mitchell discovering that his main hunting ground has been rezoned, and the tags issued have been reduced. He normally gets 200 tags, but this season, he’s starting with only 60 of them. Bruce is determined, though, to make ends meet and dig himself out of this hole. With his hunting partner, Ron, out for the first few days of the season, Bruce is back to hunting on his own.

Chase Landry

Chase Landry is Troy Landry’s youngest son. In the past, he’s teamed up with his older brother Jacob, but this year Chase will be hunting with his experienced—and demanding—father.

Clint Landry

Though of no relation, Clint Landry works closely and parties hard with his friends Jacob and Troy Landry.

He also owns a turtle farm and camp where he and his buddies like to swim in the alligator-infested bayou and play pranks on each other.

David LaDart

David is a veteran swamper who has taught his teammate and stepson Jeromy how to hunt since he was a little kid.

They have more tags than ever this season with 150 tags spread out across the entire state. To fill these tags, they will fulfill a hunter’s dream and hit the road in their old-school truck, traveling throughout the state on a road trip for the ages.

Glenn and Mitchell Guist

Brothers Glenn and Mitchell Guist were born and raised on Conway Bayou.

Master hunters, they were taught to live off the land by their father, and referred to by close neighbours by just one name: "glenmitchell." If the fish in Conway Bayou aren't biting, any bush meat will do, and that means squirrel to nutria to wild boar could be on the menu.

Sadly, however, Mitchell Guist passed away on 14 May 2012 at age 47. Mitchell passed on the swamp, doing what he loved. We hope you join us in sending our thoughts and prayers to his brother, Glenn, and the rest of the Guist family.

In the latest series, Glenn Guist returns to the swamp to help out Liz Cavalier. He’ll join Liz’s husband, Justin, on her second boat.

Jeromy Pruitt

Dubbing himself the “king of the swamp,” Jeromy is determined to show the hunters in southern Louisiana that the biggest gators are on his turf.

Joe LaFont and Tommy Chauvin

Joe and his stepson Tommy have hunted together since Tommy was a little boy. Joe's passing on to Tommy all the swamp secrets he learned from his own father, including a top secret recipe for gator bait known as "goo-goo" juice.

Forgetful Tommy can sometimes be a handful, but this gator-hunting team always ends up delivering the goods.

Junior Edwards

Junior Edwards hurt his back in the offseason while pulling in crawfish nets, so he’ll need help on the boat now that his son Willie’s on his own. He’s enlisted the help of Duggie, a local alligator hunter who’s got a lot of energy and passion for hunting big gators.

Kristi Broussard

An independent woman and true Cajun, Kristi Broussard was born and bred on the bayou in a predominantly French-speaking family. In fact, her grandparents never even learned English. Kristi spent four years in the Navy and now owns a ranch in southern Louisiana, where she breaks horses for a living. This will be her second season working alongside her close friend Liz Cavalier.

Liz Cavalier

There aren't many Cajun lady gator hunters on the swamp. Taught by her father, Liz has been hunting gator since she was a little girl, using the same type of gun fired by Annie Oakley. An ace shot, Liz prides herself on being "one of the boys." She baits the hooks, pulls the lines and throws a knife with the best of them.

This season, Liz Cavalier is back on the water with her daughter, Jessica, with over 400 tags to fill, an unprecedented amount of tags for the Queen of the Swamp. With the increase in tags, Liz expects Jessica to take on more responsibility this season. She’ll also deploy a second boat captained by her husband, Justin, with Glenn Guist helping him.

Malcolm McQuistan

A commercial fisherman, Malcom McQuiston has been friends with Junior and the Edwards clan since before Willie was even born. He’s the only fisherman Junior trusts and will be vital to his buddy’s quest for the big one. With more than 60 years of experience between these two, the mission promises to be an exciting one.

Mike Kliebert

Mike was literally raised among the gators, growing up on the alligator and turtle farm his father founded about 50 years ago. He still lives there with his wife, two sisters and brother-in-law, Bruce Mitchell.

While many similar establishments breed alligators indoors, the Kliebert Farm takes a more natural approach, keeping its resident animals in outdoor ponds. Some of the gators who live there are 50 years old and up to 12 feet long.

Tending the farm is backbreaking work, so Mike takes every opportunity to hunt wild gators in rivers, bayous and marshes. A man of many talents, he spends the little free time he has building boats, repairing engines and brewing his own beer and wine.

R.J. and Jay Paul Molinere

R.J. Molinere Jr. is a Native American, and he is powerful in both body and spirit. Like his Houmas ancestors, he makes a living off the land, hunting with his son, Jay Paul. Away from the swamp, he’s a two-time world champion arm wrestler who channels the stress of hunting into his competitive drive.

Jay Paul Molinere is R.J.’s son, best friend and right-hand sharpshooter. This season, Jay Paul and R.J. have taken on an additional 50 tags in a remote area that has not been fished in a decade. Continuing to build on the self-motivation that brought him success last year, Jay Paul landed these 50 tags on his own.

R.J. raised Jay Paul to follow in his footsteps both on and off the swamp. They are a formidable team on the bayou and they're ready to give anyone a run for their money.

Randy Edwards

Junior’s youngest son and Willie’s brother, Randy Edwards spends most of the year working as a commercial fisherman and hunter. Growing up in the bayou, Willie and Randy were always up to something, and today they live a stone’s throw apart. Randy is a tough swamper, just like his brother, and this season he is back to help the Edwards family once again strike swamp gold.

Roger Rivers

Roger Rivers spends every day on the hunt for food for his family of five.  Whether it’s hogs, turtles or gators, Roger hunts them and never comes home empty-handed.  However, Roger has one problem: an addiction to hunting big gators.  Every year is a quest for him to capture the biggest gators in the swamp. Last year, he was able to come home with a 14-foot monster that nearly took his life when it pulled him overboard.

Ron Methvin

A trained sharpshooter and military veteran who served in Afghanistan, Ron Methvin is Bruce Mitchell’s secret weapon. His time in the armed forces taught him discipline, strategy and skill. While other swampers will be confined to hunting their lines, partnering with Ron will enable Bruce to bag elusive gators that rarely bite the hook.

T-Roy Broussard and Harlan

“The Interlopers,” Troy Broussard and Harlan Hatcher, hunt in Beaumont, Texas.

In the offseason, they scouted out some new areas, and they’ve seen some huge gators. T-Roy was able to land tags in these new territories, and they think that this is the year they can beat the Texas state gator record. This quest will send the boys to some dangerous remote areas to fill their tags.

Terral Evans

Terral Evans stands 6'4" and weighs in at around 240 pounds. Terral is a swamper in every way a man who loves the area around Pearl River. While the other swampers are busy hunting gators, Terral is busy moving them.

Terral is a gator tagger working with Mississippi Fisheries and Wildlife to track and tag gators. If a gator is causing problems, everyone around knows to call Terral. He does his work at night, snatching gators barehanded, right out of the water.

Terral Evans is back to hunt in Louisiana this series. This time he’s got tags and a mission: to protect Honey Island from its overpopulation of killer gators. For years, Terral would relocate the nastiest gators to Honey Island, the most pristine and wild swamp in Louisiana. In the past few years, those tough gators have bred even nastier offspring and have started acting like they’ve got the run of the place. Now, it’s up to Terral to level it out.

Tom Candies

Sixteen-year-old ZZ Loupe has been working with gators since he was just five years old. He comes from a family of highly respected gator hunters, and his family sees him as the heir to the throne. ZZ spends his days hunting with Tom Candies, before heading home to do schoolwork in the evenings.

Troy and Jacob Landry

Troy Landry’s proven that he’s King of the Swamp. He’s caught giant beasts, roamed far and wide to fill his boat with gators and escaped harm many times. As he heads into his 30th season as an independent alligator hunter, Troy wants to begin handing down the responsibility of the business to his boys. At the end of this season, it will probably be time to hang up his hooks and retire, but he can’t even think about retiring until he can firm up the future of the Landry family business.

Jacob Landry is now a gator boat veteran and the captain of Troy’s second boat.

Willie Edwards

Willie’s had a rough time working with his dad the past two years, so he’s decided it is time to strike out on his own this season. This will create some spirited competition with his father, Junior. Willie’s brother, Randy, and their mother are unavailable at the season open, forcing Willie to go it alone on his maiden voyage.

ZZ Loupe

Sixteen-year-old ZZ Loupe has been working with gators since he was just five years old. He comes from a family of highly respected gator hunters, and his family sees him as the heir to the throne. ZZ spends his days hunting with Tom Candies, before heading home to do schoolwork in the evenings.

Swamp People Series 1

Big Head Bites It

Welcome to one of America's last frontiers: the wild swamplands of Southern Louisiana, a place whose history stretches back to the 17th century. It's the start of the most exciting and dangerous time of year for the swampers, the month-long alligator season. During this 30 day window, swampers make most of their annual income culling gators. Troy Landry, a Cajun whose family goes back three generations is on a mission to hunt down his own personal "white whale," the notorious Big Head, a monster gator he's been after for years. This season, Big Head is threatening the bayou's swimming holes, and must be stopped at all costs. In this episode, we also meet master hunter Junior Edwards and his older son, Willie, as they make their special weapons, specially designed hooks. Another father and son team Trapper Joe L'enfant and his stepson Tommy, also hit the marshlands, where careless Tommy puts his life at risk.

Swamp People Series 2

Gator Gauntlet

As a new gator season begins in Southern Louisiana, hunters across the state return to the swamp with more on the line than ever before. Legendary Gator Hunter Troy Landry is back with his son Jacob. For Joe and Tommy, they have one goal in mind to set new records. The duo hopes their trusty "shake and bake" bait seasoning will bring in more gators. Junior Edwards and son Willie have more tags than ever before. To accommodate the increase in tags, Junior's team begins their hunt with a much larger boat. But immediately, its size causes problems. When the sun sets and the gator hunters head home, Terral Evans is just getting started. There are many different jobs in the swamp, but Terral plies an unusual trade. Terral's a gator wrangler when an alligator needs to be captured alive, he's the man to call. At night, when the nocturnal gators come to life, Terral grabs them from the water alive using only his bare hands, risking life and limb with every catch.

Swamp People Series 3

Gator Gold Rush

It's day one of the 30 day alligator-hunting season in Louisiana. This year prices are 30% higher, and with big bucks on the line, a Gator Gold rush is about to begin.

Troy Landry has a plan to cash in; reuniting with 20-year partner Clint and running a second boat with son Jacob at the helm. With 430 tags, more than ever before, he's determined to retain his crown.

Down in Pecan Island, Troy's helper from last year, Liz Cavalier, is running her own boat this season with 260 tags of her own. Joining her is helper Kristi Broussard, a born and bred Cajun woman who's eager to show what she's got.

In Houma, two-time world arm wrestling champion R.J. Molinere and his son R.J. are back. This season he's taken on 500 tags, more than anyone else, with one goal in mind... to prove that he's the king of the swamp.

Swamp legend Bruce Mitchell is gearing up with plans of his own. He's got a new secret weapon, former military sharpshooter Ron Methvin.

Swamp People Series 4

Swamp Invaders

After a hurricane tears through the bayou on opening day of Alligator Season, delaying hunting for five critical days, the swampers turn to family to help make up for lost time. Complicating matters is the arrival of two new hunters who invade the Louisiana swamp from their native Texas and challenge King of the Swamp Troy Landry to a high stakes bet. The shortened season forces everyone to take bigger risks including one hunter who jumps into the water to wrestle a huge live gator that tries to get away.

Swamp People Series 5

Once Bitten

With the first day of gator season under way, swampers are under attack from some of the biggest and meanest gators in years. When a veteran hunter is forced to bring out a young teenager as his deckhand, he quickly realises that he must calm the boy’s nerves in order to fill his tags. A former nuisance hunter must capture a rogue gator that ate his father in laws prized hunting dog. When a seasoned hunter’s deck hand is sidelined from being gator bit, he is left wondering who will be his replacement deckhand for the rest of the season. While another swamper must capture a live loggerhead turtle for a Native American ceremony to bless his upcoming gator season.

Swamp People Series 6

Bounty on the Bayou

Swampers fight massive alligators and Mother Nature attempting to win "The Bounty on the Bayou". One hunter heads deep into the swamp to catch a legendary reptile. Another hunter empowers his younger deckhand by letting him fight his first line ever, while another seeks out advice from his mother in hopes of catching a bounty winning gator.

Swamp People Series 7

High Water Hell

As the season opens, the King of the Swamp, Troy Landry, finds himself going head-to-head with Mother Nature. The water in the basin is higher than it's ever been, pushing the monsters into inaccessible back ponds and woods. On top of that, a cold front has moved into Louisiana making conditions even worse. As he and his family brace for what could be their worse season ever, the King discovers more bad news; R.J. and Jay Paul have invaded his area, using their airboat to get to the gators that are out of his reach. Over in Hammond, Bruce Mitchell prepares to start his second season without his beloved hunting dog Tyler. His partner, Ron Methvin thinks he has a great surprise for Bruce, but when they meet up, the plan blows up and puts their partnership to the test. And, at the end of the first day of gator hunting, Troy makes an announcement that rattles his family to the bone.

Swamp People: Specials

Ten Deadliest Hunts

Over the years, swampers of Louisiana have risked life and limb fighting thousands of monster alligators. These are the top 10 deadliest hunts of Swamp People.