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Storage Wars Texas


Storage Wars Texas heads to the Lone Star state to follow teams of bidders on their quest for auction gold and with a new series comes brand new buys, all new finds, and a few new faces. 

Bubba Smith

Bubba is Ricky’s nephew who, after a brief stint working in cubicles, decided to follow in his uncle’s footsteps. Since around 1991, Ricky has been teaching Bubba the tricks of the trade.

Together, they run a successful warehouse, distributing and selling the goods they win at storage auctions. He knows electronics/computers and is able to help Ricky when it comes to newer technologies.

Bubba is extremely claustrophobic, and staying in small storage units can sometimes be difficult for him. He also enjoys fine arts from all eras, and frequents museums and galleries in hopes of amassing a collection of his own one day.

Jenny Grumbles

The blonde, bubbly, type-A store owner of Uptown Country Home, Jenny Grumbles, is not one to mess around. She became interested in storage auctions when her friend Adam sold her a unit of broken furniture. Jenny bought the mess for $1,000 and sold 20 pieces of revived contents for nearly $5,000.

Jenny has been trying to devise a cost effective mechanism for buying units ever since. She believes she can take units that typical buyers don’t want and “upcycle” the materials into profitable merchandise. Jenny has been a Dallas store owner for six years and considers herself a handy-woman, designer, and business strategist.

Lesa Lewis

Lesa owns the ‘Again and Again Resale’ thrift store in Crockett, Texas, and is known to get more than a little heated at being outbid. Luckily for everyone else, her friend and employee, Jerry, is there to help her keep her cool (possibly with regular frozen margaritas).

Lesa’s business must be going well because it’s always a toss-up to see up whether she sells an item in her shop or takes it home to what must presumably look like Aladdin’s cave by now. Jerry just rolls his eyes.

Mary Padian

Mary Padian, the eccentric, free-spirited storeowner of Mary’s Finds, may surprise you. What she lacks in business savvy, she makes up for in vision and creativity. To say that Mary’s process is chaotic is an understatement; whether diving in dumpsters or digging through storage units, Mary has an eye for potential.

Mary has been a store owner for two years. She began her business venture with the mission of turning everyday trash into beautiful furnishings to sell to local interior designers. Originally with the help of her father, Mary has turned a propensity for picking through garbage into a fully realized business.

Mary began attending storage auctions at the invitation of Dr. Moe. Realizing a new source of raw materials, Mary continued the effort on her own time. Now this flighty fighter sits at a precipice overlooking a new business strategy that could bring her store to the next level.

Morris Prigoff

Moe’s life and taste is defined by one word: “fabulous.”

Morris “Moe” Prigoff is a quick-witted, dapper gentleman who has been a collector of contemporary furniture and antiques for over thirty years. After 10 years of selling his classic pieces all over Dallas, Moe has established an exclusive antique store called “River Regency Modern” full of classic furniture designs and fashionable art.

With his easy smile this high-energy old man holds his own against the thrift store owners and cut throat bidders at storage auctions. He makes his presence known through his stylish clothes, extremely loud footwear and experienced eye.

When he is not at auctions, one can find Moe performing podiatric surgery at his local practice. With the help of his young manager Robert, Moe runs two successful businesses.

Ricky Smith

Born and raised in Lampasas, Texas, Ricky is a good ol’ country boy who can out-fire any gunslinger at an auction. Ricky’s love of the game and knack for buying and selling treasures was discovered in his parents’ auction house when he was just 12 years old. He has been bidding on items since the age of 14, and now thrives specifically on storage auctions.

With his savvy and experience of nearly 40 years, Ricky has built a loyal following of customers from consignment store owners, to auction houses to high-class private buyers.

Ricky and his nephew Bubba have recently discovered a surge of new buyers at the storage auctions. This causes frustration and poses a threat to some degree on Ricky and Bubba’s business/livelihood. These rookie wannabe buyers don’t know what they are doing, according to Ricky, and he feels that “it’s only a matter of time before those tourists have wasted their money and moved on.”

This is what Ricky and Bubba do – they have been doing it for a long time, and they plan on doing it for even longer. Ricky has been the local Fire Chief at the volunteer Fire Department for 10 years and is extremely active within his community. Ricky is an expert at antique glass. He holds a sale only once a month with his nephew. It pays the bills and allows Ricky to give back to the community. Even though Ricky dislikes tourists at auctions, he exhibits Texas hospitality at all times. Ricky loves hunting, fishing, ranching, farming, and animals.

Victor Rjesnjansky

Victor is a fast-talking, suave and charismatic out-of-towner who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty.

Five years ago, Victor and his partner Joann moved to escape a high cost of living of New York only to experience the culture shock of Texas. This Long Island native has a need for speed, but finds himself wading in a pool of slowpokes.

Victor owns two stores, one consignment clothing store, and a revolving estate sale. He goes to storage auctions to buy for his stores and support his leisurely lifestyle. His garage is full of old motorcycles, boats, tractors, golf carts which he has purchased at various auctions.

Walt Cade

With a dominating presence fueled by knowledge and passion, Walt Cade performs hundreds of auctions a year. He has built a following of loyal buyers while traveling all over the state of Texas.

Although to some, Walt runs his mouth faster than he runs up bids; he does whatever it takes to move the units. He has attracted nearly 300 people per auction at any given time and sold up to 30 units in one day. As Walt himself would say, he brings the large crowds, the high bidders, and the big money.

Storage Wars: Texas Series 2

Flight of the Grumblebee

The buyers journey to the resort and spa town of Mineral Wells. "Rangers" Ricky and Bubba face off with Victor for a luxury household locker. New buyer Jenny Grumbles tries to exterminate two pests: a swarm of termites and a lovesick buyer. "The Outsider" takes some old wood to an old friend. And a classic lighter sparks up a fortune. With a massive payout at stake, the buyers will have to learn that big things often come in small packages.

Storage Wars: Texas Series 3

A Jenny for your Thoughts

Looking for a competitive edge in the male-dominated storage auction scene, the Dazzler uses her feminine wiles to obtain inside information. Ricky and Bubba set their Texas land speed record. Mary gets a second opinion on a find that Moe considers worthless.

Venturing where no women are allowed, Jenny uncovers clues to the secrets of a centuries-old secret society. Victor and the other men mock her methods, but Jenny demonstrates that force is often no match for flirtation and that a smile can open all kinds of doors.

Storage Wars: Texas Series 4

Rules To Buy By

The buyers travel to the classic Texas town of Waxahachie. Moe and Mary meet Moe's match in wood expertise. Jenny Grumbles finds an item that could make her think like a man. Ricky and Bubba play by the rules and find an unusual weapon. One buyer leans on local advice to gain an edge, but just like the old days in the Wild West, it's the straight shooters who are left standing at the end.

Storage Wars: Texas Series 5

Raiders of The Lost Arkana

In search of old furniture and new territory, the buyers travel east to the border town of Texarkana. Slick Vic goes silent and stealthy to acquire a unit with action figures. Jenny the Dazzler may find diamonds in the rough. Moe and Mary go big after raw materials while Rangers Ricky and Bubba Smith uncover an unforgettable antique. Even in terra incognita on the State Line, the bevy of local border bidders learn not to mess with Texas.

Storage Wars: Texas Series 6

Cardboard Couture

The East Texas town of Tyler hosts the auction, Kenny Stowe's territory. Ricky and Bubba throw down the gauntlet against Kenny and the other East Texas locals. Mary is forced to be crafty while Jenny finds a Holy Grail of the music world. With bidding and tempers running high, Tyler becomes a turf war for its buried treasure, with one buyer losing money before the auction even begins.