Vick and Tiff try to out race a plane. Can they beat their competitor?
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Fifth Gear

Fifth Gear is back for an all new series on HISTORY.

As usual it will be presented by the most knowledgeable drivers on TV – Tiff Needell, Vicki Butler – Henderson and Jonny Smith.

Tiff Needell (professional racing driver and motoring journalist), Vicki Butler-Henderson (racing driver and motoring journalist) and Jonny Smith (serial petrolhead and motoring journalist) will race wheel to wheel in high octane track tests, present exclusive reviews of the world’s newest supercars cars, offer essential consumer advice on the issues that matter to motorists, and witness spectacular crashes conducted in the name of road safety. 

Each episode will include a Team Test of an affordable new car, involving all the presenters, and from time to time there will be reviews of classic cars and affordable, but never dull, second hand buys.

Also, Shoot-Outs will be making a welcome return to the series. A Fifth Gear favourite over the years this pits two like-minded cars against each other to find out which is fastest.

Along the way the regular presenting team will be joined by a number of guests, who are either expert drivers in their own right, or celebrities who are up for a challenge.

Where to Watch

Sky: 529 & 530 (+1)
Virgin Media: 270 & 271 (+1)
BT: 327
TalkTalk: 327

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