As Long As I hope to Live

The true and moving Holocaust story of Jewish schoolgirl Alie Lopes Dias and the fate of her schoolfriends in Amsterdam.

Like many of her age, 12-year-old Jewish schoolgirl Alida Lopes Dias kept a poëzie album in which her friends wrote poems and affectionate notes. Through her friendship with Alie's sister Gretha and the discovery of this precious album, writer and researcher Claudia Carli embarked upon a years-long mission to trace the girls' lives and preserve their memories.

Alie and her friends are brought touchingly and vividly to life, along with their writings and drawings, in this extraordinary book. Their everyday hopes, pleasures and longings are offset by the constant fear of a knock at the door, a missing friend from class, or a family member taken away. Only six of the 19 in Alie's class would survive the War.

Alie and her mother were to die in Sobibor in 1943. Alie's sister Gretha survived Auschwitz and kept her promise to her sister to preserve the friendship album, so long as she hoped to live. This book will sit alongside Anne Frank's diary and The Cutout Girl as a unique window into occupied Amsterdam, and the girls who will now never be forgotten.