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First London Marathon

If you like your facts sweaty, gasping and with nipples lightly bleeding through a skimpy lycra tank top, then pull up a chaise lounge and listen. Today was the day that the first London marathon was held way back in 1981. Many ran in fancy dress, but as this was 1980’s fancy dress, there were probably a lot of Bonnie Tylers, Steve Guttenbergs and variable rate mortgages. Only 6,700 took part... Read more >

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When Irish Lungs Are Stinging

Prior to the smoking ban, which first happened in Ireland on this date and subsequently travelled everywhere, the world was paradise. While non-smokers had to suffer the deadly consequences of second hand carcinogens, they did so in a convivial atmosphere.

Then the ban was introduced and suddenly, every few minutes, the ‘cool’ people would leave to go outside and light up, form meani... Read more >