Air Force’s Study of UFOs is Closed

As we all know, aliens are absolutely everywhere - controlling minds, financial institutions and certain fast food restaurant franchises. All the information about UFO sightings and little green men informally invading us is scattered liberally across the internet. This is no thanks to the United States Air Force who is always telling us that there’s no such thing as flying saucers and ludicrous things like that.

Once such instance happened on this day in 1969 when the Air Force’s study of UFOs, Project Blue Book, was officially closed. Blue Book followed Project Sign and Project Grudge, neither of which would admit to any aliens either. Unsurprisingly the fabled Project Blue Book said that there was no threat to national security from Unidentified Flying Objects and no sightings could be considered to be extraterrestrial vehicles, even though they admitted that of 12,618 sightings of weird things in the sky, 701 remained “unidentified”. In popular culture, Project Blue Book has turned up in Project UFO, Twin Peaks and Galactica 1980.