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Saddam Hussein is captured

After spending nine months on the run, former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein is captured on this day in 2003. Saddam's downfall began on 20 March 2003, when the United States led an invasion force into Iraq to topple his government, which had controlled the country for more than 20 years.Saddam Hussein was born into a poor family in Tikrit, 100 miles outside of Baghdad, in 1937. After moving to ... Read more >

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Michael Owen Wins Personality of the Year

“There’s only one Michael Owen” as some football fans probably sang at some point, as they tend to do. Though, if you Googled the name or looked in a nearby telephone directory they would found that there are quite a few Michael Owens - many of them plumbers. But the Michael we’re dealing with is the Liverpool legend turned polarising pundit who won the BBC Sports Personality of the Yea... Read more >