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First pillar boxes installed in London

On this day in history the first 6 pillar boxes were installed in London. Now a British icon, these original post boxes were rectangular in shape and were removed within two years after the council received complaints from the general public that they were unattractive.

A replica of one of these original boxes can now be viewed in Botchergate, Carlisle. In 1859, the first national stand... Read more >

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The Most Boring Day in History

The Worst Day in History

We believe in full disclosure here at History. While we are happy to divulge historical days teeming with remarkable events and epoch-shattering happenings, we also feel it is our duty to point out the less edifying occasions. And so, after analysing 300 million facts, birthdays, events and occurrences, the boffins at the helm of computer program... Read more >