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May the fourth be with you

Waste of Space

I’m trying to recall any other national days that are based solely on puns. In fact, I’m trying to recall anything worthy anywhere that’s based on a pun. And frankly nothing is leaping to mind. But Star Wars and its aficionados are a confusing bunch, so they’ve managed to wangle a day for themselves based on the fact that ‘May the fourth’ sound... Read more >

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National Guard kill four students at Kent State

In Kent, Ohio, 28 National Guardsmen fire their weapons at a group of antiwar demonstrators on the Kent State University campus, killing four students, wounding eight, and permanently paralysing another. Two days earlier, the National Guard troops were called to Kent to suppress students rioting in protest of the Vietnam War and the U.S. invasion of Cambodia. The next day, scattered protests we... Read more >