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No Friends? Here’s The Day For You!

Obviously we haven’t really thought this through. Today is the National Day of Unplugging, where you’re encouraged to put down all electronic devices and do something more constructive instead. Though, if you were already aware of this, then you’ve already unplugged all your electronic devices and you shouldn't be capable of reading this. Which means you’re obviously cheating. You’re ... Read more >

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Whaddup Holmes

According to John H. Watson, on an unspecified March 4th, over breakfast, before he’s even finished his Shreddies, occasionally behatted amateur sleuth Sherlock Holmes opened a mysterious letter and kicked off their first adventure together.

When it first appeared in 1887’s oddly named Beeton’s Christmas Annual, ‘A Study in Scarlet’ was met with a collective Victorian ‘meh’... Read more >