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Scotland beat England to win the British Home Championship title

To our readers in Scotland: Well done! To those in England: You may wish to switch off now. English footballing hearts were broken on this day in 1977 as the Scots defeated the home team 2-1 at Wembley Stadium to claim the British Home Championship title. The ‘BHC’ as it was never affectionately known involved England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales battling each other in a footballing vein and occurred for over 100 years before fizzling out in the 1980’s.

This final was a fairly drab affair, but is remembered for the hysterical scenes of jubilation by the Scottish fans who witnessed their team’s first win at Wembley for over a decade. After the final whistle, they instigated a pitch invasion, digging up divots of turf for souvenirs and sitting upon (and subsequently breaking) the goalposts. Chunks of Wembley are still viewed as sacred relics by members of the Tartan Army where they are proudly displayed on sideboards and occasional tables to this day.

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