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Rumors fly about U.S.-Soviet pressure on allies in Vietnam

McGeorge Bundy, American Special Assistant for National Security, arrives in Saigon for talks with U.S. Ambassador General Maxwell Taylor. Two days later Soviet Premier Aleksei Kosygin arrived in Hanoi. There was worldwide speculation that their visits were linked--that the United States and the Soviet Union had agreed to pressure their "clients" into negotiations--but this was denied by all th... Read more >

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Last Thai contingent departs South Vietnam

A force of 824 soldiers, the last of Thailand's 12,000 troops serving in South Vietnam, departs. The Thai contingent, which had first arrived in country in the fall of 1967, had been part of the Free World Military Forces, an effort by President Lyndon B. Johnson to enlist allies for the United States and South Vietnam. By securing support from other nations, Johnson hoped to build an internati... Read more >

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Patty Hearst kidnapped

On this day in 1974, Patty Hearst, the 19 year old daughter of newspaper publisher Randolph Hearst, is kidnapped from her apartment in Berkeley, California, by two black men and a white woman, all three of whom are armed. Her fiancé, Stephen Weed, was beaten and tied up along with a neighbour who tried to help. Witnesses reported seeing a struggling Hearst being carried away blindfolded, and s... Read more >

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Big Three meet at Yalta

On February 4, 1945, U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin meet at Yalta, a Ukrainian resort town on the Black Sea. During their second and most controversial conference, the Big Three Allied leaders compromised on their visions of the post-war world order and discussed military considerations in the war against Japan. W... Read more >