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Rally of the Dolls

If you happen to unexpectedly wake up in Japan, perhaps after a particularly vigorous stag do, and you see what looks like row after row of porcelain dolls absolutely everywhere: don’t panic. It just means it’s either March 3rd or you’re possibly having a frighteningly realistic hallucination brought on by too many Jagerbombs.

Every year, on this day, the Japanese celebrate Hinamat... Read more >

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You Can’t Spell ‘Brain’ Without ‘Brian’

Keyboards? And physics? No one thought those two disparate things could possibly go together. Then one day, a visionary named Professor Brian Cox (I’m pretty sure he was born with the name ‘Professor’) was born on this day in 1968 and immediately started laying down some wicked synth lines in D:Ream while also making hard science understandable to idiots like me with his soothing Manchuri... Read more >