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Hairy For Hollywood

While it all looks a bit plasticiney and comical today, back in 1933, when King Kong was screened in New York for the first time, people lost their MINDS with FEAR. Startled Manhattanites were convinced that giant monkey attacks were imminent and invested heavily in massive gorilla nets, vats of primate repellent and simian personal attack alarms. Luckily, there was no repeat of this hysteria w... Read more >

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Today’s the day we celebrate the most famous fake doctor never to serve serious jail time. Dr. Seuss AKA Theodor Geisel introduced generations of baffled children to the unnerving world of turtle stacking, creepy talking cats, weird hairy things that stole Christmas and some of the most tenuous rhymes this side of a Coldplay album. One of his most famous books, Green Eggs and Ham, features on... Read more >