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Germany invades Poland

Covered by the fearsome Luftwaffe that bombed Polish cities beyond recognition, 58 German divisions cross the border into Poland on September 1, 1939. The Polish army fought bravely to defend the country against the invasion, but were hopelessly outmatched by Germany's modern technology and overwhelming numbers. Nazi leader Adolf Hitler expected appeasement from Britain and France—after all, those nations had given Czechoslovakia away to German conquest in 1938. However, neither Britain nor France was willing to allow Hitler's new violation of Europe's borders, and Germany was presented with an ultimatum: withdraw by September 3 or face war. Hitler refused, and Britain, France, India, Australia, and New Zealand declared war against Germany on September 3. The European chapter of World War II had begun.

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Atlanta falls to General Sherman

On this day in 1864, Union Army General William Tecumseh Sherman lays siege to Atlanta, Georgia, a critical Confederate hub, shelling civilians and cutting off supply lines. The Confederates retreat, destroying the city's munitions as they go. On 15 November of that year, Sherman's troops burned much of the city before continuing their march through the South. Sherman's Atlanta campaign was one... Read more >

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Government passes Betting and Gaming Act allowing introduction of betting shops

All Bets Are On!

If you’re a person who enjoys a flutter, bet or game of chance, then today is a day to rejoice! As on September 1st 1960, the government decided to allow betting shops to exist for the first time ever. In eighteen months time. But don’t worry gambling fans, as you would only have slightly less time to bet small sums on games of skill like bridge. Phe... Read more >

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Prince Sihanouk Bans Khmer-Chinese Friendship Association from Cambodia

Founded in September 1964 Khmer-Chinese Friendship Association was originally established to promote relations between Cambodia and China. Fearing a Maoist influence Prince Sihanouk banned the association from Cambodia as well as ending all other programs with ties outside the nation. With many associated with the organization were imprisoned. Soon after a new organization, The National Committ... Read more >

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Qaddafi leads coup in Libya

Muammar al-Qaddafi, a 27-year-old Libyan army captain, leads a successful military coup against King Idris I of Libya. Idris was deposed and Qaddafi was named chairman of Libya’s new governing body, the Revolutionary Command Council. Qaddafi was born in a tent in the Libyan desert in 1942, the son of a Bedouin farmer. A gifted student, he graduated from the University of Libya in 1963 and the... Read more >