The Clinton Affair

January 2018 marked 20 years since the start of the investigation that led to only the second impeachment trial in America's history, and the first in the modern era. 

From Academy Award winner, Alex Gibney – and with exclusive access to the former White House intern who nearly brought down an American President, Monica Lewinsky - The Clinton Affair episodes 1 and 2 premiere on HISTORY  on Saturday 8th December, from 9pm.  

With remarkable and exclusive access, this six-part documentary series charts the story of  the vast right-wing conspiracy against the Clintons and the West Wing conspiracy against Monica Lewinsky.  It reveals an America bitterly divided, still struggling with the legacy of the disgrace of another American President over 20 years previously. Sex, power, money, secrecy, lies, betrayal, ideological warfare; the series plays out like an elaborate political thriller. The series has exclusive access to Monica Lewinsky, her family and her legal archive which disclose access to some of the other principals in the scandal.