Irish Pickers

Irish Pickers follows Dublin-based antiques expert and historical dealer Ian Dowling, with his team comprising of Mark ‘Butzy’ Butterly, ‘Vintage’ Vinny Smith and Ali Foy as they discover, buy and sell Irish treasures. Ian and the team head to prestigious, interesting and historic places, hunting out and buying quirky and unusual objects previously hidden from the world. The Irish Pickers team will travel the length and breadth of the island of Ireland from farms to stately homes, family businesses, private collectors, architectural salvage dealers, and museums looking for amazing items of national and local historical significance. The new series will follow the team as they buy and sell everything from ornaments, street signs, military artefacts, retro games, model cars, shop fittings, prints, posters, adverts and more. If it’s Irish and has a history, they’re interested. The show will premiere on BLAZE in the UK and Ireland in March 2020.