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Forged with Steele Launches October 2018

New Blacksmithing and Blade-smithing Series Coming to HISTORY

Forged with Steele will follow the up-and-coming star of English blacksmithing and blade-smithing, YouTube personality Alec Steele, as he recreates a breathtaking array of historic weaponry, in his Norwich forge.

Using his remarkable skills, honed over a decade (Alec started forging when he was only 11 years old), Alec creates weapons that have proved decisive in some of history’s most iconic battles, from the Roman Gladius and Viking Battle Axe, to the Bowie Knife and M9 Bayonet.

Premiering in the UK this October 2018, the series is the companion piece for HISTORY's hit series, Forged in Fire, and puts a young, dynamic talent, at the heart of our schedule. 

About Alec Steele

Alec Steele has documented his career by creating videos around his passions for both steelwork and history. In each episode of Forged with Steele, the craftsman will forge an iconic weapon, revealing the historical significance and technical complexity required to create each one. Throughout the series, Steele will bring to life weapons from history including a traditional Japanese Katana sword, a Roman Gladius and even a Scottish Claymore, with viewers observing the process from start to finish – including his struggles, joys and triumphs.

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