The Disappeared | Ultimate Mysteries | Full episode

Ultimate Mysteries is an exploration of various unsolved mysteries and the theories that surround them, along with new facts and findings that could lead to the truth. Gone into thin air, lost without a trace. These are the mysteries of those whose journeys had a beginning but no end escape from Alcatraz. The most famous prison break of all time. Does surprising new information prove the convicts did not drown? 'Brazil was their final place they went to,' believes a family member.

Amelia Earhart for 80 years many believe she crashed and died. Could a controversial photograph show she survived? 'They were incarcerated in a prison,' believes a detective.

D.B Cooper, stole 200,000 dollars and jumped from an airplane never to be seen again. Is that because he was actually a she? 'The reason D.B Cooper has never been found is because he escaped as a woman,' claims a journalist. From America's first female flying icon to escaping criminal masterminds, we encounter new evidence that just might uncover the truth and bring us closer to solving these ultimate mysteries.

Alcatraz, the rock surrounded by the deadly waters of San Francisco bay, is a maximum-security prison that has staked its reputation on one simple promise that no one could ever escape. The prison is located on Alcatraz Island 1.25 miles offshore in the San Francisco Bay. The small island was created with space and the means for a military fortification, a lighthouse, a military prison, and also a federal prison. The prison was active from August 11, 1934 until March 21, 1963.

But in 1962, three men (Frank Morris, John Anglin, and his brother Clarence Anglin) broke free from the prison and were never seen again. In this episode, new theories shed light on the world's biggest mysteries, including the unsolved disappearances of aviator Amelia Earhart and hijacker DB Cooper (S1E1).