Lagina brothers picture quiz

Rick, Marty and the Oak Island team are back for the biggest season yet – bringing with them more resources and technology than ever in their quest to solve the 224-year-old treasure mystery.

After seismic testing conducted at the end of last season revealed a possible sunken ship buried in the triangle-shaped swamp, the team will use sonic core drilling, strategic dives and finally a historic big dig to find out what could be buried below. Now, fully partnered with fellow landowner Tom Nolan, Rick, Marty and Craig Tester will have unprecedented access to areas of the island that they hope will yield answers.

Tap and Find quiz

If you've been enjoying the series to date and want to find out more about Rick and Marty Lagina, then why not take part in our tap and find picture quiz? Simply, read each question and tap on which Lagina brother you think is the correct answer. 

Test your knowledge and see how much of a Curse of Oak Island fan you truly are.