Start your genealogical journey with Sky HISTORY and Ancestry, the world leader in family history, to help bring your backstory to life. Discover the human stories behind historical events in a series of sponsored articles and videos to put your family history in context. Learn about little-known characters from history and relive a wartime romance in Ancestry-sponsored podcasts, Not What You Thought You Knew and Letters in Letters of Love in WW2. Be inspired to build your own family tree with genealogy tips and tricks and expert guides about making the most out of Ancestry's research tools.

Ancestry sponsors, Sky HISTORY's Not What You Thought You Knew. Hosted by historian, author and broadcaster Dr Fern Riddell, the podcast series explores some little-known characters from history and reveals not just their incredible story but also why they’re so important for our view of what history looked like.




Ancestry sponsors Letters Of Love in WW2, the remarkable podcast about two newly-weds separated by war. Between 1940 and 1946, Cyril and Olga Mowforth kept their love was kept alive on the pages of a thousand letters and postcards, found decades later by their family after they had both passed on.




About Ancestry

Ancestry lets you build a more complete picture of your past by combining millions of historical records and family trees with cutting-edge DNA science. The Ancestry website gives you access to real-life documents to help you piece together the stories of your ancestors’ lives. You can discover names, dates and places from censuses and birth records, then go beyond the basics with military, employment and immigration records to see how your family dealt with everything from the Industrial Revolution to the World Wars. You can then preserve everything you find in your own online family tree, and receive automatic Hints to point you towards the next new discovery. There’s always more to find out, as they’re adding millions of new records every day.

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