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Battle of Waterloo

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Animals of War

Come and explore the animals of war from the little helpers to the underwater army.

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History of WW2

From Appeasement to the Atomic Bomb, explore the HISTORY guide to WW2.

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History of London

From Boudica to the Blitz, explore London's extraordinary history.

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History of America

From the first pilgrims to the first black president, explore the history of the United States.

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History of South Africa

Learn about the diverse history of the Rainbow Nation.

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History of Death

Come and explore how dying has been both feared and celebrated throughout history.

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Book Club

Visit our book club and find out what’s hot in history fact and fiction.

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Explore the lives of major figures past and present who have made history.

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History Locations

Some locations are historic due to the momentous events they have witnessed.

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