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WW2 House Live

WW2 House Live
WW2 House Live, a HISTORY live event starts Sunday 8th of October at 3pm.

Six years of the Second World War broadcast in six hours live on HISTORY's Facebook.

The broadcast included first and second-hand stories of living through The Blitz, food rationing in the UK, the incredible Dam Busters and D-Day, and viewers shared their memories in their droves.

Fathers, mothers, Grandfathers, grandparents, everyone was affected in some way by this war, and their accounts that must forever be re-told and shared so we don’t forget them.

“The team behind it rallied together and delivered a remarkable event, something that everyone at HISTORY can be really proud of,” says Digital Marketing Manager Sam Pearson.

These stories, along with archive speeches, music, news reports and Daily Mirror headlines from the day can be watched again in full on Facebook.

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World War True

WW2 House Live is part of HISTORY's brand new season World War True. Through a combination of exclusive UK premieres, including documentaries, drama, personal accounts and classic films, the season will delve into the conflict to reveal some of the war’s lesser-known stories.