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Ultimate Wheels


From classic cars to supercars our two creative petrol heads Elo and Will just can’t resist turning rust buckets into ultimate wheels and even better when they can turn a tidy profit in the process too. Every episode will focus on one classic car transformation and customisation as well as featuring another amazing car story. From music videos to fashion shoots, demands from a Saudi royal family to kids running amok with paint in the garage, there is never a dull moment at Elo’s supercar workshop. Join Will and Elo as they invite viewers into their awesome world of wonder. In every episode we see Will head off to find a bargain, rescuing a design icon going to waste. After haggling on the deal he brings it back. From the extraordinary mind of Elo a design is planned and the duo embark on a makeover plan to transform it into something really spectacular. Back in Elo’s workshop, their work begins… and so do their arguments. It’s Will the mechanical genius versus Elo the style guru. Expect the banter and friendly rivalry to continue non-stop as the project turns from dream to reality. We follow the exciting and surprising process unfold as the new wheels take shape in the garage. Expect the unexpected… It’s an exciting moment as Will and Elo’s customised classic rolls out of the workshop for the first time. This sleek, stylish, growling monster will set the pulses racing of any red-blooded car enthusiast. But will it make the profit they hope for?  

Ultimate Wheels Series 1

Ferrari Chop-up

Will finds a bargain supercar, a precious 1989 Ferrari 412, but when he gets it back to Elo they soon realise that its heart has been ripped out as it seems to be sporting a Chevy engine!

Elo’s creative juices are flowing as he briefs Will on his plan to transform the tired car into a Ferrari pick-up, one of the first one of its kind. It takes some careful cutting and design work to ensure they don’t ruin the lines of the classic Ferrari but they manage to craft an ingenious hybrid with a teak lined behind and an awesome secret sound system.

How will the passionate, Ferrari garage workers react to this crossbreed?

While the guys are busy at work, Elo heads off to the filming of a music video. He is supplying rapper and music producer Daps with an iconic 80’s DeLorean. The car is to be the star of his new video for the song ‘Ian Wright.’ We see behind the scenes as well as finding out from Elo how important iconic cars are in rap music videos.

Mustang Muscle

In this episode, Elo and Will take it upon themselves to help out Jason make over his rather tired Ford Mustang convertible 1971 so that he can sell it. Elo takes his inspiration from all things Americana as he concocts a really strong image for Jason’s car. But this is real marmite stuff…Will Jason love it or hate it when the surprise new look is revealed to him? The story takes a rather emotional turn at the end as Jason too has a surprise up his sleeve.

Running alongside this, Elo and Will unearth an unloved 30ft Scarab powerboat at the back of the garage. They decide to do what they do to cars to this boat, but they only have six weeks to give it their special treatment and reveal it at the Southampton Boat Show.

And if that wasn’t enough, Elo and his mate ‘T’ challenge each other to see which of their cars is the bigger ‘babe magnet’ as they head off to see who can get the most female attention.

Private Jet Camper Van

Will’s hippy heart leads him to buy a 1966 VW Camper split screen. But Elo is not content to just turn it into any old reconditioned love wagon…he decides the one thing that has never seen is a luxury executive suite inside a camper van. Giving it a wooden effect finish and luxurious leather seating, the vehicle is taken away from its camper van roots and given a VIP makeover. Complete with its own plasma screen and drinks bar- what will the purist crowd at V-Dub Island festival think about it?

While both Will and Elo are busy working on souping up the ‘splitty’ Elo has other bigger concerns on his mind. He has agreed to a fashion shoot being staged in the priceless cars in his Museum- but will the Russian supermodel do as she is told and keep her heels off the paintwork?

Gentleman's Hot Rod

With only 174 ever made, can Elo and Will risk the wrath of other Bristol owners as they decide to take on a Vintage 1959 Bristol 406 and transform it into a British gentleman’s Hot Rod. How much will Elo change of its beautiful sleek hand crafted aluminium body?

As part of their thorough research in making over the Bristol, Will heads over to Shakespeare County Raceway to check out the Hot Rods while Elo drops into the Ace Café for Hot Rod night. They are armed with all the Hot Rod inspiration they need- but how will it suit the classic Bristol?

Japanese Drifter

The Datsun 260z 1978 is famous for having supercar features at a budget price. This is the Japanese car that led the Japanese invasion around the world. Elo pays homage to its Japanese roots and heads off to a secret underground car event for some inspiration. Using Manga comics and Ninjas as a reference point, Elo reveals his and Will’s souped up Datsun to a bunch of ‘Drifters.’

Meanwhile two Saudi brothers have brought along their father’s classic Daimler. Can Elo give it a new look that will feel cool enough for the sons to drive around in, but classic enough for their father and grandmother to still be taken out for a spin in? Can he please three generations?

Inge, the new female mechanic has come up with a neat idea for the Museum. Thinking you’re never too young to learn how to customise a car, she has invited a load of children to the paint garage to finger paint a Fiat Autobianchi. They get to work and transform the little white Italian car into a work of art.

Rally Legend

Will and Elo get excited by the purchase of an Audi Quattro which they both remember dreaming about as youngsters. This was the first 4 wheel-drive rally car that saw great competitive success back in the 1980’s - so the guys decide to pay homage to its glory days and customise their one into an old school Rally Car- complete with roll cage and 1980’s Rally Car livery.

Elo takes his percious Lincoln Zeffer for a cruise to the opening of an exclusive vodka bar in London’s West End. All eyes are on Elo and this head-turning car.

Fighter Jet Saab

Inspired by the heritage of the Saab fighter jet, the guys turn a Saab '96 1972 into a vehicle that looks like it would be more at home flying through the clouds than on the road…especially with its inbuilt (and utterly unnecessary) parachute in the boot.

Meanwhile back at base, Elo is in the process of breathing new life into a Jaguar XJ220. Brought to him by a Saudi Prince, this £250,000 second hand car was left in the desert and is now riddled with sand in every nook and cranny. Not to worry though as Elo’s team get to work on it turning a 90’s supercar into a modern classic.

French Riviera Cruiser

Will and Elo bite the bullet and blind buy a Peugeot 304 convertible 1972 on the internet. Their initial pleasure wains as Will finds the engine can’t be rescued. Elo’s inspiration for this chic set of wheels is the glamour of the South of France. The guys get to work into turning it into a cruising car fit for a spin around St Tropez, kitted out with a classy leather interior, sleek luggage rack and spats.

Elo has also managed to get his hands on a prototype for a Vuhl Mexican supercar. If he likes its heart he agrees to work his magic on its skin. This fine rare specimen is transformed into a set of ultimate wheels inspired by Batman, Elo creates the Bat Vuhl.