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Cajun Cuisine

Seafood Gumbo Cajun Cuisine

Cajun food originates from the extremely poor refugees and farmers who were deported by the British from Acadia in Canada to the Acadiana region of Louisiana. The new French- speaking immigrants would cook whatever fresh food was ready and available to them and this tradition is still alive today, you eat what you catch!

What’s on the Menu? 

As the Cajun community is so close to the Gulf of Mexico, seafood is often used including; crabs, oysters, crawfish and depending on location alligator is also on the menu! Cajun food is usually ‘stretched’ with rice and pulses mixed with the ‘Holy Trinity’ of vegetables; bell peppers, onion and celery, not forgetting the spices that make any Cajun dish truly authentic, including cayenne pepper and garlic.

What are the top Cajun dishes?

Boudin and Boudin Balls 

Boudin is a type of sausage made of pork with rice and spices. It is usually served with side dishes such as rice dressing, maque choux or bread. Boudin balls originate from Louisiana and are made by frying the sausage mixture into balls.


Gumbo is a soup dish with influences from Africa and Native America, traditionally made with roux, chicken and the Cajun sausage.


Jambalaya is a classic Cajun dish and the main ingredient is rice, anything and everything can go into Jambalaya however this is almost always accompanied by the ‘Holy Trilogy’ of vegetables.