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Storage Wars


Storage unit auctions are the newest and biggest untapped source for hidden treasure! Storage Wars is a special kind of treasure hunt, where, if you're lucky, bidding can make you rich. Bidders range from twenty-something's out for fun and adventure, to husband and wife teams looking to make fast and large cash. And everybody is prepared to create quite the drama in the process. All over the US people fall behind with the payments on their storage units, while others have been abandonded or simply forgotten. These are called 'delinquent units' and are what our bidders are interested in. Who knows, there could be treasure hidden within... Anything goes as the bidders assess if they think the unit is worth a bid... and how high they will actually go. In each episode the bidders head to storage units and wait anxiously for the big reveal of what is behind the door. After the auction is over we follow the successful bidders to see exactly what they have bought. Will they find a fortune or have they bought something that's only fit for the bin?

Barry Weiss

Barry Weiss is a classic Californian oddball. He's the guy who's willing to do just about anything to make sure he gets the sale he wants, and he's particularly fond of items that have some connection to celebrities.

With his thick-rimmed glasses and wavy grey hair, Weiss almost looks like a Hollywood producer, and he certainly has the requisite eccentricity. From his Storage Wars days, Barry was well known for using bizarre methods to throw other buyers off like enlisting the services a stilt-walker wearing night vision goggles.

Barry could possibly be the most entertaining guy in the world, but only because he often seems to have lost his mind.

Brandi Schulz and Jarrod Schulz

Scrappy and determined, this Long Beach native fights tooth and nail to keep his business alive. He might not have the deepest pockets in the auction game, but he has heart like no other, and is labelled as the “Underdog”.

He is the co-owner of the Now and Then Second Hand Store with his hard-nosed, sharp-tongued wife, Brandi. With Jarrod being more of a risk taker with his bidding, it is Brandi who questions his decisions, making sure Jarrod knows that money doesn’t grow on trees.

Whether it’s in the office or out at the auctions, Brandi will always state her case in their business. And with his business and family on the line at every auction, every bid is crucial.

“I have to turn around my scores quickly because they pay for the next auction. If I don’t flip the items, I can’t bid again.”

Though it may seem Brandi wears the pants in the family, Jarrod is no slacker. Easily fired up and sly as a fox, Jarrod is a master strategist and capable of playing head games with the best of them.

Brandon Sheets

Though he’s young, Brandon knows more about antiques and artifacts than most history majors. Having learned the trade from his father Darrell, Brandon hopes to establish himself in the auction world.

“It’s a tough game to get into, more senior guys will try to run you out of the business if they don’t like you. They’ll trick you into spending all your money on things that just won’t sell.”

Brandon respects the older class of buyers; when he’s not helping his father or buying his own lockers, Brandon is the constant observer. “I’ve seen my family’s life change from just one locker. I’m life-committed to this now.”

Casey and Rene Nezhoda

Rene Nezhoda and his wife Casey hail from the San Diego area, where they have a 7,000 square foot shop called Bargain Hunters Thrift Store.

One of the first things people notice about Rene is his German accent, but the second is his buying prowess. With a big bankroll and an extensive knowledge of secondhand sales, Rene is a veteran buyer who doesn't back down for anyone.

Casey often accompanies Rene to auctions, and is very supportive of his decisions... until he says that she can't keep the jewelry they find, that is.

Dan Dotson and Laura Dotson

Fast-talking auctioneers, both Dan and his wife Laura are MCs, conducting 1,500 auctions a year together.

Hailing from a long line of auctioneers who date back to the 1940's, Dan has been performing auctions since he was 11 years old.

He and Laura run American Auctioneers, a company whose profits are based on percentages of the bids. Having been in the business for 37 years, Dan takes pride in his heirloom “auction chant” (the auctioneer’s rhythm of speech), which he has taught Laura.

Darrell Sheets

Ever the gambler, Darrell has been addicted to the 'high' of storage auctions for 32 years. While others have turned the gambling side of storage buying into steady businesses, Darrell is always going for the “big hit.”

Boasting a big game, Darrell is quick to tell you about the four Picassos and the world’s most lucrative comic book collection that he has scored through storage auctions.

With his son Brandon, Darrell has a small operation based on low volume, no overhead, and high value. If a locker doesn’t have the big score, Darrell will sell it away before he picks through it.

After years in the business, Darrell no longer collects: “The only thing I collect these days is dead presidents.” Darrell takes pride in the adventure and education storage buying has provided him.

It’s a lifestyle and skill set he hopes to pass on to his son.

David Hester

Strict and disciplined, Dave runs a tight ship at his Rags to Riches consignment store. He’s a big fish in the game and has made his money from blood, sweat and tears.

In 2005, after being convicted of a DUI, Dave was forced into community service at a local Goodwill Store. Seeing the potential in such an operation, the then furniture store owner transformed his operation into a thrift store.

The idea changed his life. The son of a military man and train collector, Dave sold his hoarder father’s train collection for a small fortune. (It took him five years to sell the whole collection…it was that big.) He says he’s the total opposite of his father: simple, clean, no clutter, all business.

Of all our bidders, Dave has the largest operation with the largest overhead. He needs every purchased container to produce a profit to feed his massive machine of over 15 employees. Pickers will come to his store to buy art at a low price, but Dave sells his pieces at true price: upwards of $150,000.

Ivy Calvin

Widely known as the king of Palmdale, Ivy Calvin is a no-nonsense buyer who means business. His store, Grandma's Attic, has a quick turnover thanks to Ivy's constant influx of merchandise and his dedicated customers.

When auctions are scarce in the desert, he's willing to travel as far as it takes to fill his shelves. Wherever he goes, he lets his presence be known by the locals, and attributes his competitive spirit to his early years as an MMA fighter and arena football player.

Thanks to his 16 years of buying experience, Ivy is rarely tripped up by other buyers' shenanigans.

Storage Wars Series 1

High Noon in the High Desert

It's a showdown in the high desert as the buyers crack open a trove of abandoned storage lockers.

Barry Weiss unearths the personal possessions of rap magnate Suge Knight. Jarrod Schulz and Dave Hester throw down their bankrolls in hopes of scoring a classic organ. And Darrell Sheets reveals a historic, one hundred and fifty thousand-dollar find. Classic items, wily personalities--let the storage wars begin!

Storage Wars Series 2

Buyers on the Storm

The buyers return to Mineral Wells, where severe weather complicates a day of auctions and puts a scare into Vic. Ricky and Bubba find items for a hardcore football fan.

Jenny's locker delivers a bundle of joy. Moe and Mary take an unforgettable trip to a cattle farm. Whether running for cover or cowering from cows, this week a few of the buyers get more than they can handle.

Storage Wars Series 3

More Like Wrong Beach

The buyers are back again in Long Beach, CA and hoping for better outcomes.

Heavy bidder Mark Balelo returns with fifty grand of locker money. Darrell Sheets gets one dropped on him. Jarrod and Brandi try and reel in a score. And Barry Weiss buys on a tip, but will he get his motor running, or blow a gasket?

Storage Wars Series 4

Tustin Bee Have a Problem

The buyers descend upon Tustin, CA. Jarrod and Brandi try to play it smart, but the other bidders make that difficult.

Jeff Jarred sets a new personal profit record on a five-dollar locker. And Barry and Kenny attempt to sideswipe Dave...but will it work?

Storage Wars Series 5

The Pa Stays in the Picture

The buyers venture out to Rancho Cucamonga, CA, where Jarrod and Brandi go bonsai over a small set of tools.

Barry gets to the auction late and partners up with a pinch bidder. And Mark Balelo comes away with a large printer, but will that translate into a large profit?

Storage Wars Series 6

Flight Of The Gambler

The buyers return to Montebello, where Darrell has had some of his biggest scores. Will he repeat or crash and burn? Meanwhile, Brandi learns that Jarrod is facing a problem that affects more than just their business.

Storage Wars Series 7

The Man in Black is Back in Black

Everyone is shocked to see Dave Hester return to the auctions with a vengeance. But even the Mogul can't stop the buyers from scoring great units in Huntington Beach. Darrell tries to get Brandon in "top-tip" shape, an injury forces Ivy to change up his game and Jarrod and Brandi score a unit that leads to a wild ride.

Storage Wars Series 8

Mr. Nezhoda's Opus

Dan and Laura take the buyers back to Torrance for an auction that has them battling for the best unit of the day. Ivy changes up his game to stunning results and Brandi puts Jarrod on a harsh budget. Dave takes on Rene against every locker, but it remains to be seen who will come out with one of the best lockers in Storage Wars history.

Storage Wars Series 9

Palm Springs Throwdown

The buyers head to Palm Springs where more than the prices get hot under the desert sun. Ivy brings his game with his sights set on a high roller locker, while Rene tries to play it cool despite the high temperatures. Mary holds her own against the competition and the desert heat gets the better of Dan and Dave as tempers flare.